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Posted: October 23, 2013

EKC’s Puck Toss supports Team Canada / Cranbrook Colts

On October 25, East Kootenay Community Credit Union (EKC) will hold its community Puck Toss at the Kootenay ICE home game in support of the Team Canada / Cranbrook Colts 2015 Friendship Hockey Team.

EKC’s puck toss will support the teams’ fundraising efforts for the friendship team to travel to Australia. The pee wee-aged hockey players will participate in the 2015 Friendship Hockey Tournament in New Castle (N.S.W.), Australia.

The tournaments last 10-12 days and the players are billeted to local families. Challenge like language and food result in great cultural experiences. The tournament attracts up to 20 teams from around the world including South Korea, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia, USA, New Zealand, Australia, France, England, Switzerland and Sweden.

C. Tahari from Japan started the first Friendship hockey tournament as he wanted to introduce hockey around the world in a friendly, non-competitive way.

The purpose of the tournament is to share the game of hockey around the world in a non-competitive, non-hitting environment where the focus is placed on sharing knowledge of game, teaching hockey skills abroad and sportsmanship.

Winning the tournament is not based on game scores, but on least penalty minutes, skit performances and overall sportsmanship shown both on and off the ice. In many places outside of North America it is difficult and very expensive to source good quality hockey gear.

In many instances over the past few years, Cranbrook players have donated all their personal hockey equipment to children of billet families in foreign countries in order to assist them in the development of their young players and programs.

Friendship Hockey has been going on in Cranbrook for 25 years, with tournaments hosted every two years. Each country takes a turn to host the tournament. Previous host countries include the U.S. in 2003, Canada (Cranbrook) in 2005, New Zealand in 2007 and Japan in 2009.

Team Canada / Cranbrook Colts 2015 Friendship Hockey Team would like encourage everyone to come out to the game to support the Kootenay ICE and 2015 Friendship Hockey team Friday, October 25.

Since 2003, EKC has raised over $43,375 through its puck tosses at Kootenay ICE games for over 11 local charities and causes for children, including Kidsport, the Kootenay Child Health and Development Centre and the Food for Kids initiative. Last year EKC contribute $100,000 back to the communities it serves.

According to Jody Burk, CEO of East Kootenay Community Credit Union, “EKC strives to raise awareness about programs that support our youth. We believe it’s important to invest in our youth and in our community.”


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