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Summer in the East Kootenay 2021

Bill Nye Wildfire from Wasa Beach. Summer 2021 was a hot and smoky one in the East Kootenay. From the heat bubble that allowed night-time…

2019 in the East Kootenay

Mark Creek, Kimberley/September. Who is going to miss 2019? That’s right; all eyes forward and no looking back – except for this brief photographic presentation…

Autumn in the East Kootenay 2019

Brisco Aside from a couple of early snowfalls that lingered a tad, autumn in the East Kootenay 2019 was quite lovely – especially if you…

A peek at JulyFest 2015

The City of Kimberley was one lively place last weekend. Once again blessed with hot, sunny weather, JulyFest 2015 had the usual suspects back in…

January in the East Kootenay

January. The word January brings up less than favourable comments from me. Not much of a fan of January, so named from Janus, the doorway….