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January in the East Kootenay

I celebrate the end of January. Its passing leaves me feeling hopeful. Our days slowly grow more plump with light and as we suck the…

January in the East Kootenay

January happened, right? We didn’t leap from Christmas to February via some winter dodging miracle? It seems so long ago now that we’ve had a…

January in the East Kootenay

January. The word January brings up less than favourable comments from me. Not much of a fan of January, so named from Janus, the doorway….

January in the East Kootenay ‘13

Photo presentation follows introduction… January is my least favourite month. The dislike is doubled when my camera bag is rattling and squeaking and shaking from…

January’s Burn Fund Calendar winner

The Cranbrook Fire Department’s January Burn Fund Calendar contest winners are: from left to right – Greg Green, Trevor Zak (World’s Gym), Janet Woods (prize…