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Posted: October 25, 2015

Adventure travel: the real definition

By Diane Manson


According to Wikipedia, the definition of adventure is “an exciting or unusual experience.” Team up adventure with travel, add a huge splash of perspective (most importantly, YOUR perspective) and there you have it, your perfectly defined travel adventure.

Adventure travel can be an extension of what ignites you, based on your passions. If you’re a walker, the allure of roaming the gentle hills of Tuscany will speak volumes to you.

Diving in the Galapagos
Snorkeling in the Galapagos

If hiking B.C.’s Rockies and Purcells are your weakness, then trekking the breathtaking mountains of Nepal patiently awaits your arrival.

The idea of learning a new language while living with a local family may seem completely outside-your-comfort-zone, and yet incredibly exciting and enticing all rolled together.

Let your palate lead your adventure (Frog legs in Paris - Foodie & Travel Professional Jennifer)
Let your palate lead your adventure (Frog legs in Paris – Foodie & Travel Professional Jennifer)

Perhaps then, your vision of adventure travel is something you dive into that you’ve never done before.

Adventure travel may be determined by your palate. Foodies and cooks may be drawn to Thailand or Vietnam to scour local markets and take in cooking classes. The same can be said for wine connoisseurs. Every time you savour a glass of rich, spicy red Carmenere, the idea of exploring Chile may pull at your travel strings.

Movies and online content do a great job of introducing us to adventure, whether it’s spelunking in New Zealand, or a solo rail journey through India.

DM Cynthia Paris 2 London
Tres Grand Cycle Adventure – Paris to London!

The planet is full of wonderfully, delicious, exciting adventures.

The richest experiences, the most magnificent adventures, are the travel Adventures defined by you.

Lead image: Tall Adventures on Safari in Kenya. Photos courtesy Diane Manson

Diane Manson– When Diane Manson’s not handcrafting someone’s dream vacation at Mountain City Travel you’ll find her hiking in the Rocky Mountains or the Himalayas, combing beaches in the tropics, or cycling the backroads of Europe. Diane loves travelling and everything to do with travel.

Her ‘favorite things’ are fabulous food, Farmer’s Markets, New Zealand white, sunsets and her dog Tucker. As much as Diane is passionate about exploring Planet Earth she and her husband Jim, can’t imagine living any where else other than the Kootenays!

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