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Posted: June 2, 2012

Fort Steele honoured as top historic site in B.C.

Colin and Greg Girard (the founding brothers) of Canada eh Tourism are proud to announce the final selections for the top six Best of the West Historic Sites. The list includes one selection from each western province and northern territory… plus one bonus selection.

Province of British Columbia: Fort Steele Heritage Town located near Cranbrook, is one of the larger heritage town attractions in British Columbia. And there are many. The big appeal of the Fort Steele town attraction is that it is like a working town with pioneer actors going about their day and carriages and horses roaming the gravel village streets. Love the historic buildings – they look so real. LIKENESS FACTORS : historic village, shops, pioneer actors, scenery, tours, lookout tower and activities.

Yukon Territories : Robinson Roadhouse Historic Site : The roadhouse was a camp settlement situated on a busy transportation route used by miners. There were many roadhouses in the day along most major transportation routes in the Yukon. The roadhouse was built to service the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. The railway only reached the summit at the time and the Robinson Roadhouse was responsible for transporting the supplies from the rails end to the shores of Bennett Lake. LIKENESS FACTORS : remote, secluded, authentic buildings, history, natural.

Province of Alberta : Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site located near the community of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta is Alberta’s first National Historic Site. The Rocky Mountain House Historic Site protects and preserves

Rocky Mountain House historic site

the history, remains, artifacts and memories of the fur trading forts and details the life and struggles of voyageurs like David Thompson and the First Nation people of that time. LIKENESS FACTORS : hiking trails, First Nation village, voyageur artifacts, peacefulness, forts, bison.

Province of Saskatchewan : Grey Owl’s Cabin in Prince Albert National Park is located near the community of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Grey Owl’s cabin known as “Beaver Lodge” is a historic site located on the shores of Ajawaan Lake in the park. The historic site is the highlight of one of the more popular backpacking trails and canoe routes in the province. Grey Owl was European. He moved to Canada and adopted the First Nation way of living in the wilderness and was an environmentalist for the protection of the beaver. LIKENESS FACTORS : forests, lakes, wilderness scenery, hiking trails, historic site and outdoor activities

Northwest Territories : Old Town in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories : Yellowknife started as an outpost on the shores of Slave Lake. Today the old cabins, wooden houses and cottages from the pioneer days still exist and make for a great walking tour. Wildcat Cafe is an old fashion pioneer restaurant first built in 1937 to service the prospectors, trappers and bush pilots. Today , it is a United Nations World Heritage Site. LIKENESS FACTORS : buildings, float planes, sightseeing, scenery, Slave Lake, self walking tour and good food.


eh BONUS HISTORIC SITE : Barkerville Historic Site near Wells, B.C. is a mining town located on the Cariboo Gold Rush Trail made popular in the late 1800s. The discovery of gold by Billy Barker in 1862 attracted many to the region in the hopes of making it rich. Billy Barker is Barkerville. The site is a working village with heritage shops and services and pioneer actors roaming the streets. One of the best destinations for interactivity with pioneer actors. LIKENESS FACTORS : historic buildings, pioneer actors, street activities

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