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Posted: September 1, 2012

Marmots at Stanley Glacier

By Larry Halverson/Friends of Kootenay

Last summer Kootenay National Park’s wildlife specialist Alan Dibb saw many marmots at the head of the Stanley Glacier Valley near the end of the trail, including two family groups. This year, on several visits, he hasn’t seen or heard any, and he didn’t even find any marmot sign at the location of the 2011 family groups.

It is a bit puzzling since most years it is so easy to detect marmots up there. So Alan is interested to know whether anyone else has seen or heard marmots at Stanley Glacier this year. Of course, it’s getting late in the marmot summer and hibernation is just around the corner.
Above image: Marmot family group from 2011 – Photo by Alan Dibb

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