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Posted: October 24, 2011

Letter to the editor

Re: Mandatory installation of wireless smart meters

Customers are being told they can’t opt out of having a wireless smart meter put on their house or business, and BC Hydro will not install safe wired meters. A BC Hydro rep recently stated on TV that there is an option – to have a smart meter installed on another part of the property, without mentioning the high cost to the customer or that the radiation will still go back to the house and through the wall, radiating people sleeping or working on the other side of the wall.

Some people are putting wood boxes or chains on their existing meters, leaving space for meter reading, to prevent Corix installers from installing a smart meter if they are not at home to prevent them.
There are health concerns about the non-thermal pulsed electromagnetic radiation of these smart meters, from the breakdown of DNA, causing cancer, to effects on the heart, brain, and neurodegenerative diseases. Seniors are at risk if they interfere with pacemakers and children are at greater risk because they have thinner skulls and more fluid in their heads. Scientists say there is no evidence that wireless smart meters are safe.
Also, costs where smart meters have been installed in Ontario, California and Connecticut have doubled, tripled and quadrupled. Ontario Premier McGuinty has admitted that the smart meter program is not cost effective.
Thousands of people are sending a letter refusing installation of a wireless smart meter to BC Hydro and attaching a copy on the existing meter, leaving space for meter reading. The letter has been drawn up by a lawyer. A second letter is available if Hydro claims the customer is to fill out a form and meet with a Hydro rep.
For Information and copies of the letters of refusal see www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca/.

Beverley Sinclair

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