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Fernie Council ConnectionPosted: June 17, 2012

Paint the Town for Fish

Students from Fernie Secondary School (FSS) Grade 8 Class recently took part in the Columbia Basin Trust’s (CBT) ‘Know your Watershed Program. ‘The students and volunteers from the Elk River Alliance painted 130 storm drains within the City of Fernie with an emblem of a west-slope cutthroat trout, and the words “Be Aware! These drain to the River” This is to remind citizens that whatever goes down these drains go directly into the Elk River.

Lee-Ann Walker, Elk River Alliance, and Tessa Holmes, FSS Grade 8 student, provided council June 11 with an update regarding the project and thanked its sponsors including CBT, Wildsight, Teck Coal and Mayor and Council for their support.

Fernie Trails Alliance

The Fernie Trails Alliance has major projects identified for completion this summer. They are predominately centered on family opportunities, increasing safety and revitalizing neglected trails.  The projects for consideration are:

Stove Trail; Island Lake Connector; Fairy Creek/Mount Proctor Loop; Coal Creek Heritage Trail – 9 km.

Council will provide a letter of support to the Fernie Trails Alliance noting the projects suitability and benefit to the entire community. Council wished the Alliance the best of luck in their efforts to achieve the necessary funding to be able to complete the ambitious schedule of projects identified for the summer of 2012. It was noted that the City had provided funding support to the Trails Alliance of $39,000 towards these projects through the Provincial Resort Municipality Initiative and the City’s approved 2012-2016 Resort Development Strategy.

Parkland Terrace Residents – Submit Petition

Several residents of Parkland Terrace were in attendance to express their opposition to any development on the city’s lands east of Bossio Road in Parkland Terrace.

Ms. Tara Beck, representing those residents addressed Council and submitted a petition with over 150 signatures to Mayor Giuliano requesting that the City do the following:

Refrain from servicing, subdividing and selling any lots or any other such development on the subject property; and In keeping with the principles in the OCP, rezone the area as a park.

The petition was referred to the July 9 regular meeting for council’s consideration.

Partnering Agreements

TransRockies Challenge Society- Council approved the partnering agreement with the TransRockies Challenge Society for the provision of municipal services, being the hosting of the TransRockies  Challenge from July 26 – 31, 2012.  The City will pay the TransRockies the sum of $2,898.00 and provide other in-kind support for  hosting this event. Funding support has been allocated for this event from the 2012-2016 Resort Development Strategy.

Fernie Chamber of Commerce – Victoria Avenue Initiative and Sunday Downtown Socials

Council approved the partnering agreement with the Fernie Chamber of Commerce for the provision of municipal services, being the hosting of the summer downtown festivities, including but not limited to a night market, street theatre, music and trunk treasure sale which will occur from July 4 to September 29, 2012. The City will pay the chamber the sum of $15,000 for the activities, with the funding coming from the 2012-2016 Resort Development Strategy.

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations E-Referral # 5882761 – Special Event Permits for: Furious 3 Bike Race – June 30 – July 2

TransRockies Challenge 2012 Mountain Bike Race – July 28 – July 30

Council will notify the above noted Ministry that the City of Fernie does not object to the issuance of a Special Event Permit to the Furious 3 Bike Race and the TransRockies Challenge 2012 Mountain Bike Race subject to the provision of a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance in and amount not less than $5 million with the City of Fernie as an additional named insured party on the policy.

Gas Tax Grant Application – Sewage Treatment Plant Outfall Improvements

The City of Fernie in conjunction with Urban Systems has made an application for grant funding under the Gas Tax Agreement’s General Strategic Priorities Fund (GSPF) for the feasibility, pre-design and design of a Sewage Treatment Plant Outfall. The project scope and budget for the project is $175,000.  The application proposes a 30% (City) 70% (Grant) split.

Council approved the application for the above noted project endorsing the project scope and budget.

RDEK Bylaw Referral – Fernie Alpine Resort OCP No. 2363

The Fernie Alpine Resort Official Community Plan review was initiated to incorporate proposed infill development and upgrades to transportation, water and sewer servicing, employee housing and trails policy. Council recommended that the Board of Directors of the RDEK approve Bylaw No. 2363, 2012 RDEK Bylaw No. 2373 – Lot 24, District Lot 4588, Kootenay District, Plan 1299.

Council resolved to not provide any comment with respect to this bylaw which proposes to amend the RDEK Elk Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 829, 1990 to redesignate Lot 24, District Lot 4588, Kootenay District, Plan 1299 from RR-4 Rural Residential (Hobby Farm) Zone to RR-2 Rural Residential (Small Holding) Zone in order to permit subdivision of the subject property.

Fernie Splash Park – Budget Amendment and Award of Contract

Council authorized that the 2012 capital budget for the Fernie Splash Park be increased by $35,929.00 (to a total of $305,929.00) and that staff be directed to prepare the necessary financial plan amendment bylaw and to identify in that bylaw the funding source for the budget increase.

Council approved the tender bid for the construction of the City of Fernie Splash Park from Parastone Developments Ltd. for the contract price of $157,629.00 and authorized the Director of Leisure Services to enter into the requisite contract with Parastone Developments Ltd. for the services outlined in their tender submission.

Optional Refusal of Smart Meter Installation

Council will be forwarding a letter to BC Hydro, copied to the Premier and all UBCM Member Municipalities in support of further investigation into the matter of the installation of wireless smart meters in British Columbia.

The resolution calls for a moratorium on the installation of smart meters until further investigation into concerns has taken place and that consumers be given a choice as to whether or not to have a smart meter installed and that if they decline that decision come at no additional cost to the consumer.

Fernie Council Connection for May 28

Site Suitability and Servicing Analysis for Block A, Plan 1623, Parkland Terrace

City of Fernie council May 28 authorized the above-noted report to be made available for public review. The report reviews the suitability for development of city-owned lands east of Bossio Road in the Parkland Terrace neighbourhood and includes topographic, geo-technical hazard, environmental, archaeological information and presents development concepts that the land could support, including servicing analysis. The report is available online at . A hard copy is available for viewing at City Hall.

Disposal of city property

Council approved the Lease Agreement between the City of Fernie and the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy for a portion of the Max Turyk Community Centre comprising 528.83 sq. Ft. The term for the Agreement is from July 1 – June 30, 2013 with a specified monthly lease payment of $440.69.

Appointments to Fill Vacancies on Civic Agencies

Council considered expressions of interest received and appointed the following individuals to City committees:

Green House Gas Emission Reduction Committee:  Mr. Brendan McLean

Board of Variance : Mr. Chuck Shoesmith and Mr. Marty Hafka

Partnering Agreements

Fernie TransRockies Challenge Society – 2012

Council authorized notice of its intention to provide assistance from the City to the Fernie TransRockies Challenge Society under the terms of a Partnering Agreement for the provision of municipal services, being the hosting of TransRockies Challenge 2012 from July 26 – 31, 2012 providing for payment in the amount of $2898.00 for the event.

Fernie Chamber of Commerce – Victoria Avenue Summer Socials (VASS)

The Chamber of Commerce is interested in hosting the (VASS) again this year which will include but will not be limited to Wednesday night concerts and market, refreshment gardens, entertainment, street shopping and trunk treasure sales to occur from July 4 – September 29 and have asked for funding assistance from Council in the amount of $15,000 for the services described above. The Partnering Agreements will come back for council’s consideration after requisite notice has been completed.

Fernie Rural Fire Protection Services – Expansion of Service Area

The request from the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) to extend the Fernie Rural Fire Protection Service Area by extending its boundary to include four additional properties at the south end of Cokato Road was supported in principle by council.

In order to authorize the Service Area extension, the RDEK will have to adopt an amendment to the Service Area Establishment Bylaw as well an amendment to the Fernie Rural Fire Protection Agreement between the RDEK and City of Fernie. Once preparing, the amending agreement will be brought back to Council for consideration of approval.

West Fernie Waterworks District (WFWD) – request to lift the moratorium on new water connections in the Waterworks District area.

Council will be advising the (WFWD) that the moratorium on new water connections in the West Fernie Waterworks Area will not be removed at this time and that the city will continue to cooperate and support the RDEK’s West Fernie Restructure Project.

The request to remove the moratorium on new water connections is not supported by the RDEK’s Regional Growth Strategy or the Fernie Area Land Use Strategy or the City’s Official Community Plan.

Letters of Support

Wings as Eagles Ministry

Council will be providing a letter of support in principle for the proposed Christian Based Residential Recovery Center for Women.  Four years ago the Ministry opened a Men’s Residential Recovery Center in Cranbrook. The organization provides support and guidance to those who struggle with addictions.

Parastone Developments Ltd.

Council has provided a letter of support in principle for their Columbia Basin Trust Grant Application.  The owner of Veneto Place discussed partnering with the Elk Valley Family Society a local not for profit organization with a mutual interest to expand and create additional affordable rental units to meet the current demand in Fernie.

The goal of their combined submission is to leverage the grant funds available under the ARHI to make 12 units which are currently designated as affordable home ownership units as permanent affordable rentals.

Mr. Howse pointed out the advantages to the community in regards to the creation of additional rental property.

Prisoner Cells in the Fernie Detachment

Correspondence regarding the decommissioned prisoner cells and upgrades/retrofits for the Fernie Detachment was received from the Ministry of Justice and reviewed by Council.  They will contact the Ministry to further address this situation in hopes to find a positive resolve in order to ensure that our community receives the best police service possible for our citizens.

UBCM Railway Committee

Council reviewed correspondence from the Corporation of the City of New Westminster regarding common railway concerns shared by municipalities such as idling, concerns with crossings, use of herbicides and whistle cessation.

They will be contacting the UBCM in support of establishing a Railway Committee to deal with the railway companies to mitigate these concerns.

BC Hydro Smart Meter Program

Council was asked to call a moratorium on installing Smart Meters by a local resident who voiced her concerns regarding the installation of the meters and further, asked council to investigate the adverse health effects regarding the meters.

Ms. Beran urged council to request action by the province to request a moratorium similar to Colwood, BC and the UBCM. She noted that 49 communities have passed motions, and stated the more municipalities that participate in the moratorium request the larger the impact. Council will investigate this further and bring back for further consideration at a future meeting.

 City of Fernie


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