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Posted: November 16, 2015

CV Advisory Committee meeting highlights

The Columbia Valley Advisory Committee, formally known as the Columbia Valley Directed Funds, is comprised of the five Columbia Valley Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) directors as well as five community members: Wendy Booth (Chair), Dee Conklin (Vice Chair), Ute Juras, Clara Reinhardt, Gerry Taft, Gerry Wilkie, Craig Knapp, John Rouse, Melanie Sam and Rick Thompson.

Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth
Electoral Area F Director Wendy Booth

This meeting highlights provides a general overview of discussion items and major decisions made at the Columbia Valley Advisory Committee (CVAC) meeting on October 19, which was held at the Windermere Fire Hall. It excludes confidential information such as business negotiations, personnel issues and legal matters.

– The committee earmarked $120,000 for Columbia Valley Branding and Marketing Phase 3 with $86,824 available to disperse towards that initiative as it moves forward.

– The committee has committed $40,092 to the Columbia Valley Affordable Housing Development Plan being implemented by the local Family Resource Centre now known as Family Dynamix.

– The committee adopted a Terms of Reference as prepared by the Columbia Basin Trust.

The committee received and reviewed the following final reports for past funds spent:

Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce (CVCC)–Whiteway;

CVCC Event Planner;

CVCC Summer Marketing Video;

Columbia River Greenways Alliance (CRGA)–Web Based Trails Application;

Invermere District Curling Club (IDCC)–Website (email report)

The Committee received the following project updates:

Columbia Valley Marketing and Branding (Wendy Booth)

Valley Wide Visitor Services (Wendy Booth)

Resident Retention/Attraction Strategy (Gerry Taft)

Family Resource Centre Affordable Housing (Pat Cope).

The committee received a slide presentation titled Our Trust, Our Future (OTOF) – 2014/15 Year in Review.

CBT OurTrustOurFuture InvermereThe presentation focused on highlights from the 2014/15 Annual Service Plan Report (which is available online at cbt.org/annualreport) and outcomes from the Our Trust, Our Future engagement process whereby public input has resulted directly in the updated Columbia Basin Management Plan Strategic Priorities 2016–2020. This document outlines the ways the Trust supports Basin residents and communities and the organization’s strategic priorities over the next five years and it can be found online at cbt.org/publications.

The committee discussed the following Community Development Program (CDP) requests and other relevant valley-wide initiatives:

Introduce NEW Forum roles and process.

Columbia Valley Multi-use Centre (District of Invermere)

Westside Legacy Trail (Columbia River Greenway Alliance).

The Committee reviewed the Columbia Valley Community Priorities Plan, formalized and published in 2013, which was used as a tool by the Committee to adjudicate one off project requests and lead/support valley-wide strategic initiatives.

An in house review and discussion of the Community Priorities Plan (CPP) was led with the objectives to:

– Assess validity of the current plan; and

– Explore future directions and planning for success.

Overall there was consensus that the CPP is still valid and could be revisited at a future date (i.e.: in two years). In the meantime, the committee will look at: adding an appendix; making a few minor amendments; and planning further consultation with residents taking a less targeted, more open-house approach with intentions to increase general awareness of the CPP and of valley-wide priorities, and to gain assistance in refining the CPP into an actionable framework.

The following is the proposed 2016 meeting schedule for the Columbia Valley Advisory Committee (CVAC): Tuesday, January19; Tuesday, April19; Tuesday, July 19; Tuesday, October18

Meetings run from 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at the Windermere Fall Hall.

If you wish to make a specific presentation to the Committee please contact Wendy Booth, CVAC Chair, at [email protected] to discuss.


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