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Posted: December 4, 2014

Fernie Council Connection

The following is a breakdown as to what transpired during the Nov. 24 City of Fernie council meeting.


FernCitHallWinter1.1 Partnering Agreement with Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) – Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR) for a New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display. Council authorized the Mayor and the Clerk to execute a three-year partnering agreement with the Resort to provide a New Year’s Eve fireworks display in 2014, 2015 and 2016 at the resort. The city will provide an annual payment of $1,000.00 for this service from the Province’s Resort Municipality Initiative.

1.2 Proposed Lease Agreement with the Fernie Creative Energy for space at Max Turyk Community Centre. Council authorized staff to post notice of its intention to dispose of City’s property (space at the Max Turyk Community Centre) through a five-year lease agreement with Fernie Creative Energy, beginning December 16 at a monthly lease rate of $910.09.

1.3 Proposed Lease Agreement with Fernie Creative Minds Preschool for space at the Max Turyk Community Centre. Council authorized staff to post notice of its intention to dispose of City’s property (space at the Max Turyk Community Centre) through a seven-month lease agreement with Fernie Creative Minds Preschool, from December 16 to July 31, 2015 at a monthly lease rate of $1,352.20.

Fernie JVFD1.4 Fire Service Mutual Aid Agreement with Baynes Lake, Hosmer and Jaffray. Council endorsed the agreement between the City and the Regional District of East Kootenay (representing the Baynes Lake, Hosmer and Jaffray Volunteer Fire Department) and authorized the Mayor and Corporate Officer to execute the agreement.

1.5 Development Variance Permit Application No. DVPA 360 – Montane Parkway – Montane Developments Ltd. Council authorized staff to give notice of their intention to consider the issuance of DVP-360. The applicant is requesting a variance to the Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw to facilitate the construction of a residential subdivision that will include a section of proposed Montane Parkway, Piedmont Drive, Sunniva Drive and Yirri Avenue by reducing the road width from 11.0m wide to 7.0m wide and increasing the sidewalk width from 1.35m to 2.5m for Montane Parkway. Staff Report


2.1 Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2231, Amendment Bylaw No. 1, Bylaw No. 2213, 2014 and Zoning Bylaw No. 1750, Amendment Bylaw No. 148, Bylaw No. 2216, 2014 for Haworth Development Consulting Ltd. Following the Public Hearing, where one resident, Jacob Libby, shared his drainage concerns, Council gave third reading adoption to the OCP amendment which changed the land use for 18.73 hectares from “Residential” to “Natural Open Space” and third reading and referred the Zoning amendment to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for approval. The Zoning amendment proposes to amend the Comprehensive Development Four Zone for the Cedar Valley Neighbourhood.

2.2 Sewer Connection and User Charge Bylaw No. 1593, Amendment No.8, Bylaw No. 2268, 2014 and Water Connection and User Charge Bylaw No. 1594, Amendment No.12, Bylaw No. 2269, 2014 were adopted. The current water and sewer rates which were set to expire will continue to be in effect after January 1, 2015.

2.3 2014-2018 Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 2265, 2014 was adopted. The bylaw reallocated the funding from the downtown surveillance cameras and increased the capital works expenditures and the East Kootenay Energy Diet subsidy. Staff Report& Bylaw No. 2265

2.4 Streets and Traffic Bylaw No. 1400, Amendment No. 4, Bylaw No. 2267, 2014 was adopted. The bylaw increased the impound fee from $7 to $10 or actual costs (if stored at a commercial impound lot) per day and added a 10% administrative fee to the towing and impound charges.

2.5 Development Cost Charge (DCC) Bylaw No. 2079, Amendment Bylaw No. 2270, 2014 received first three readings and referral to the Inspector of Municipalities for approval. The bylaw, if adopted, will amend some of the language in Section 3 of DCC Bylaw No. 2079 so that it is consistent with DCC Amendment Bylaw No. 2253, adopted August 14, which changed the collection of DCCs for low density residential developments from time of subdivision to building permit.


3.1 Emergency Social Services Director (ESSD) Appointment Council ratified the appointment of Paul Wortley as the Emergency Social Services Director for the City of Fernie; and authorized the Mayor and Corporate Officer to execute the agreement with Mr. Wortley, for a term of three years plus one month, commencing December 1.

3.2 The Release of City’s Option to Purchase and Right of First Refusal on 10 Manitou Road was approved by council as construction has occurred on the subject lot. The charges were placed on title on the lots sold by the city in the Ghostrider subdivision to ensure that the purchasers completed construction thereon and did not purchase the lots for land speculation.

3.3 Asset Management Program. Council committed to integrating asset management requirements into the budget process and directed staff to develop an Asset Management Program. The federal and provincial governments have indicated that having an asset management process in place will be part of the evaluation criteria for grants.

3.4 2014 Maintenance Placeholder Budget Report. $50,320.69 was funded from the $75,000.00 maintenance placeholder that was approved as part of the 2014 – 2018 Five Year Financial Plan for the following projects:

Fernie Cem Gate$5,429.00 for the Max Turyk Community Centre hot water heater;

$11,162.08 for the Fernie Memorial Arena furnace upgrades;

$9,397.00 to cover the shortfall for the St. Margaret’s Cemetery Gate;

$11,784.65 for Aquatic Centre maintenance;

$2,547.96 for the Max Turyk Fire Safety Plan; and

$10,000.00 for the Max Turyk asphalt paving.

3.5 Downtown Mobile Street Vendors Task Force. Council amended the Terms of Reference for the Task Force to allow for “up to four (4) members representing the community at large effective Monday, December 1, and appointed Willard Ripley to sit on the Task force effective Tuesday, December 2.

Shyanne Osmond
Shyanne Osmond

3.6 Request from School District No.5 (Southeast Kootenay). Council authorized the Mayor to sign the signatory page in support of changing the National Household Survey from voluntary back to mandatory.

3.7 Budget Variance Analysis for January to September 2014

3.8 Request from Chris Inglis – Community Centre for fundraising event for Shyanne Osmond. Council supported Mr. Inglis’ request and waived the rental fee for the Community Centre. The tentative date is January 24, 2015.


4.1 Council sworn in. The inaugural meeting of the 2014-2018 council was on December 1, at 7 p.m. Mayor Mary Giuliano and Councillors Phil Iddon, Dan McSkimming, Jonathon Levesque, Angela Qualizza, Dennis Schafer and Joe Warshawsky were sworn in. Council meetings are streamed live and can be viewed on-demand on the city’s website or watched on Shaw TV Channel 10 at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and 11 a.m. on Thursdays.

Fernie C House4.2 The Architecture Foundation of British Columbia (AFBC) issued a press release on November 17, announcing the winners of BC’s Best Buildings Contest which marked 100 years of architecture as a profession in B.C. The Fernie Courthouse Voted #2 in the Interior Region.

4.3 Winter Parking & Snow Removal Regulations. The Winter Parking Regulations are in effect per Streets and Traffic Bylaw No. 1400 from November 1 to April 15. Any vehicle parked contrary to the parking regulations is subject to towing and impoundment pursuant to sub-section 9(6) of the bylaw. These restrictions allow city plows to clear the snow back to the boulevards on alternating days. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as it allows our crews to safely carry out snow removal works again this winter. Parking Maps | Parking Brochure | Windrow Removal

Fernie Elk River4.4 Temporary Bypass to Elk River. The City of Fernie wishes to advise area residents and recreational users of the Elk River that in order to dispose of excessive amounts of storm water in the sanitary sewer collection system due to high water flows it is necessary to temporarily bypass treated effluent to the Elk River. The bypass will take place from November 20 through to December 4, in accordance with the Ministry of Environment operating permit. Public Notice

4.5 Job Opportunities at the city. The city is currently seeking to fill the following positions:

Director of Corporate Administration Services (posting closes on December 19)

Operator 3 Wastewater Collection & Treatment (posting closes on December 8)

City of Fernie

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