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Posted: January 31, 2014

Full costs awarded to DOI

The District of Invermere (DOI) has been awarded full costs in a BC Supreme Court challenge against it over its urban deer cull.

Mayor Gerry Taft
Mayor Gerry Taft

Mayor Gerry Taft noted on Facebook, “Earlier today (Jan. 31) BC Supreme Court Madam Justice Gropper ruled on the issue of court and legal costs related to the case of Shane Suman et al versus the District of Invermere (commonly known as the Invermere Deer Protection Society lawsuit against the DOI).

“The petitioners were arguing that they should not have to pay court and legal costs because their law suit against the DOI was ‘in the public interest.’ Justice Gropper did not agree, and awarded full costs to the DOI,” Taft reported, adding, “The DOI will be doing everything in our power to recover this money from Mr. Suman and other members of the Invermere Deer Protection Society.”


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