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Posted: January 13, 2015

RDEK Board Highlights

10-Year Service Award

Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) Planning Technician Jean Terpsma (pictured above) was recognized for her 10-years of service in the Planning and Development Services Department at the outset of the Jan. 9 RDEK board meeting.

Seeking funding for West Fernie Project—Phase 2

RDEK wallThe RDEK will be submitting two separate applications for funding for the West Fernie Servicing and Restructure Project—Phase 2. Applications will be submitted under the Building Canada Fund Program and the Federal Gas Tax Fund Strategic Priorities Fund.

Applications to be submitted for Fairmont area

The RDEK will support the Fairmont Hot Springs (FHS) Utilities application for funding through the Building Canada Fund for a groundwater source development program for the benefit of their private community water system subject to there being no requirement for the RDEK to take over the water system or any component of the system should the application be successful. If the conditions of the FHS Utilities application cannot be met, the RDEK will make application to the Fund for the Fairmont Creek Upstream Mitigation Phase 2 and 3 project.

New representative on Invermere Library Board

Daneve McAffer has been appointed as the Village of Canal Flats representative on the Invermere Public Library Board for the term January 9 to December 31.

Bev Middlebrook
Bev Middlebrook

ESS coordinator for Central Subregion Emergency Program

An Agreement has been signed with Bev Middlebrook for coordination of the Emergency Social Services Program for the Central Subregion Emergency Program for the term January 12 to December 31, 2016.

In support of Broadband

A letter will be sent to FlexiNET, Tough Country Communications, Wink Wireless and Yahk Area Communications Society for their applications to the Connecting Canadians program, indicating an intent to provide a contribution of up to 17.5% towards their proposed broadband infrastructure projects, subject to:

– Written commitment to provide 15% of the capital costs of the project;

– Receipt of confirmation of commitments from Industry Canada to provide 50% of the capital as requested from the Connecting Canadians program;

– Establishment of a regional district service, which will require approval of the electors within the area(s) affected by the project; and,

– The regional district and ISP entering into a partnering agreement which will set out the terms and conditions of the funding. 
In addition, the RDEK will send a letter to the Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation indicating that the RDEK has unused strands of fibre optic cable available in its Columbia Valley fibre optic backbone and is interested in making them available for the provision of improved internet connectivity in the Columbia Valley; and further that the RDEK supports the CBBC application for funding to the Connecting Canadians component of the Digital Canada 150 Strategy.

Roberta Hall
Roberta Hall

New member appointed to APC

Roberta Hall has been appointed to the Advisory Planning Commission for Electoral Area G.

ALR delegation agreements

The RDEK will be asking the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) to negotiate new delegated decision making agreements for Electoral Areas A and E, as the existing agreements for these areas both expired in 2014. Under delegated decision-making agreements, the RDEK assumes the role of the ALC to make decisions on certain types of ALR development applications. The ALC did not want to renew the previous agreements in consideration of the recent amendments to the Agricultural Land Commission Act and the RDEK’s new Official Community Plans for both areas.

Discretionary Grants in Aid (DGIA)

– WildSafeBC will receive $2,000 from the Electoral Area A DGIA account and $200 from the Electoral Area B DGIA account to go toward program costs for the coming year.

– The Fernie Secondary School Senior Boys Volleyball Team will receive $600 and the Jaffray Elementary Junior Secondary School will receive $600 from the Electoral Area B DGIA account to help offset the costs of each team’s participation in Volleyball Provincials.

– Cranbrook Women’s Recreational Hockey League will receive $1,000 from the Electoral Area C DGIA account to go towards tournament ice rental and referees for their upcoming home tournament.

CVRockies– The Columbia Valley Rockies will receive $10,000 from the Electoral Area F DGIA account and $500 from the Electoral Area G DGIA account to go towards the purchase of a new team bus.

– The District of Invermere will receive $500 from the Electoral Area F DGIA and $250 from the Electoral Area G DGIA account to go toward hiring a Multiuse Facility Grant Writer.

– The Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce will receive $2,500 from the Electoral Area F DGIA account and $500 from the Electoral Area G DGIA account for the Columbia Valley Winter in Motion Film Festival.

Public meetings

Columbia Valley Community Directed Funds Committee – January 19 —10:30 a.m. at the
 Windermere Fire Hall.

Public hearings

Tuesday, January 27 —7 p.m. at Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce—651 Hwy. 93/95, Windermere

Bylaw No. 2582—Regional District of East Kootenay – Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 900, 1992 – Amendment Bylaw No. 299, 2015 (Windermere / Sinneave)
Bylaw No. 2579—Regional District of East Kootenay – Lake Windermere Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 2061, 2008 – Amendment Bylaw No. 19, 2015 (Windermere / Goertzen Holdings Ltd.)

Bylaw No. 2580—Regional District of East Kootenay – Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 900, 1992 – Amendment Bylaw No. 298, 2015 (Windermere / Goertzen Holdings Ltd.)

Monday, February 2 —7 p.m. at Columbia Ridge Community Centre—6890 Columbia Lake Road, Fairmont
Bylaw No. 2559—Regional District of East Kootenay – Upper Columbia Valley Zoning Bylaw No. 900, 1992 – Amendment Bylaw No. 296, 2014 (Density Averaging/RDEK).

Next board meetings

– Thursday, Feb. 5 – Board committee meetings – TBA

– Friday, Feb. 6 – RDEK Board meeting – 9 a.m.

Lead image: RDEK Planning Technician Jean Terpsma receives a 10-year-service award from Board Chair Rob Gay. Loree Duczek/RDEK photo


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