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Posted: June 1, 2015

Voluntary ORV registration extended to Nov. 1

Mandatory off-road vehicle (ORV) registration is being deferred from June 1 to Nov. 1.

The extra time provides additional time for off-road users to prepare for the mandatory registration, while the regulatory details are finalized on both registration and safety, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations explained in a recent press release.

As well an ICBC-issued numbered sticker will be available in early fall when registering an ORV for those users who would prefer a sticker instead of a registration number plate. The addition of a sticker addresses a key request from off-road motorcycle and snowmobile groups.

The sticker will be a similar size as the number plate, and combined cost for registration and sticker will be the same as with the plate option – $48. ORV owners that choose the sticker will be responsible for removing the sticker if the vehicle is resold.

In early fall, ORV owners who have already taken advantage of the voluntary registration period and have a received a plate may exchange their plate for a sticker, if they want, at any ICBC broker at no additional cost for a limited time.

Full details are anticipated to be announced by early fall, with implementation for both mandatory registration and safety provisions to begin Nov. 1. In the interim, voluntary one-time registration for operating an ORV on Crown land will continue with the combined cost of the registration certificate and ORV number plate remaining at $48.

This registration is integrated within the pre-existing structure of ICBC’s motor vehicle registry, reducing implementation costs and allowing ORV owners to register at any of the 900+ ICBC insurance brokers in the province.

The Off-Road Vehicle Act is a key element of the province’s Off Road Vehicle Management Framework. The framework will help British Columbians get out and enjoy the beauty of the province’s backcountry and ensure off-road vehicles are driven in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

An estimated 200,000 off-road vehicles are used in the province.

To date, approximately 20,000 ORVs have registered under the Off-Road Vehicle Act.

Snowmobiles have been registered in British Columbia since the 1970s.

ORVs are used in a variety of sectors in British Columbia, including farming, ranching, forestry, oil and gas, mining, sport, tourism, transportation and search and rescue.

Why should I register now?

There are a number of good reasons to register under the Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Act now rather than wait for the mandatory date of Nov. 1:

* ORV riders that choose to register now start to benefit from this program earlier; for example, if your ORV is stolen, a registered vehicle can more easily be tracked back to you as the registered owner.

* The ORV number plate is a dual purpose plate – if you register and a get the number plate under the ORV Act, it may also be used for highways crossings if the ORV is also licensed and insured under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Why must the registration number plate or sticker be removed when an ORV is sold?

An ORV can appear to be validly registered under the Off-Road Vehicle Act if they display a registration number plate or sticker that belonged to a prior owner – this makes it challenging for officers to track stolen ORVs and identifying reckless ORV riders that break the law. This means that if the new ORV owner is issued a violation ticket, the previous owner that sold the ORV gets the ticket in the mail (as the registered owner).

What information do I need to bring to the broker to register my ORV?

Information can vary depending on whether your ORV is new, used or being imported from the United States.

For a detailed list of information for each of these scenarios, visit the ICBC website.

If you’re uncertain on what documents you need to register your ORV, contact your local ICBC Autoplan broker who can help figure out which document fits your situation best.

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