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Posted: June 21, 2016

Columbia Valley RCMP Report

rcmplogoBy Cpl. Grant Simpson

Unseasonal weather again over the last week impacted call volume for Columbia Valley RCMP. It was also a very busy and event filled weekend. We responded to 68 calls for service over the past week. Here are just a few of them.

Yield confusion results in accident/hit and run

On June 18, at 11:57 a.m., Columbia Valley RCMP received a report of a two vehicle, non-injury accident on the railway over-pass on Laurier Street from one of the drivers. The driver, a local 53-year-old male, had initially indicated that it was a hit and run but the other driver, a 62-year-old local man, later called to advise of the accident as well.

Police later spoke with the original complainant about the accident. He advised he was travelling southbound in a GMC flat deck in the fast lane of Laurier St., just after the intersection of 3rd Ave. in Invermere, when he was struck by the other driver who was also driving southbound, but in the slow lane in a white Ford truck.

The complainant said that the other driver was supposed to yield to traffic but failed to do so and instead struck his rear bumper. As the accident occurred in a fairly congested area the two decided to meet at the next pullout but the other driver failed to show. The complainant later located the other driver’s truck parked nearby and was able to retrieve the licence plate information. The complainant added that he had taken photos of the vehicles and that while the other driver had minor damage to his vehicle the damage to his vehicle was more severe. The other driver later called ICBC and admitted fault. No passengers were noted in either vehicle and there were no other witnesses.

Video surveillance being reviewed after theft

On June 18, at 6:11 p.m., a 40-year-old Calgary male phoned Columbia Valley RCMP to report a theft from his vehicle which occurred overnight. A Blackberry cellphone and an i-pod were taken from his 2011 Silver Dodge Grand Caravan. The vehicle was parked in the 5000 block of Riverview Road in Fairmont Hot Springs. The owner has video surveillance showing the suspect, a bald male, and will bring it to the detachment for investigators to view and investigate further it is unknown at this time how entry was gained to the vehicle. Investigation is ongoing.

Irate guest convinced to leave

On June 19, at 12:19 a.m., Columbia Valley RCMP was dispatched to a disturbance at the front desk of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. A front desk employee called to report a 52-year-old Lake Country female was angry and refused to leave the premise. Her husband was trying to calm her down. Police attended and learned this whole incident originally stemmed from an issue over a movie rental that was billed twice. The female was yelling at the employee stating that they wrongly threatened her husband. The female was so loud that police had to be called as well as the resort’s director of marketing, who ordered the couple to be evicted from their room. The female refused to leave and said to police she’d have to be arrested. As the attending officer was awaiting a second member, he was able to use his verbal intervention skills and convinced the female to leave, which she finally did without having to be arrested.

Neighbours not getting along

On June 20, at approximately 4:20 p.m., a 59-year-old local female attended the Columbia Valley Detachment to report a dispute she’d had with her male neighbour.

She reported that the argument occurred on her property in the 1400 block of 17A Street in Invermere. She reported that it all began when she mouthed the words “#*&$ing @$$hole” to her male neighbour. The male neighbour then came over and threatened to punch her and called her a drug dealer. She said that she told the male neighbour to go ahead and punch her. However, he did not. She said that the male neighbour was in her space so she pushed him away.

She said that about a month ago an incident occurred with her and another neighbour that the male neighbour got involved in. She said that she is not fearful of the male neighbour and that she just wanted to report the incident to the police in the event something further should occur. Police advised her to refrain from antagonizing the male neighbour and to go about her own business. Police also told her that if any further concerns arose that she should call back.

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