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Posted: December 2, 2020

District warns of dangerous ice conditions

Ice conditions throughout the winter should always be considered dangerous, but they are especially dangerous early in the season as thick ice has not yet formed.

Invermere and area residents are advised to use extreme caution when around riverbanks, iced-over lakes and ponds. Always keep pets and small children off ice until you are certain that the ice is thick enough to support their weight. While the ice may look safe to walk or skate on, ice may still be forming and surfaces may not be safely frozen over, resulting in thin ice and the potential for injury.

Enter At Own Risk signs have been posted at known skating areas in the District of Invermere.

At this time we are advising residents to stay off the ice.

This picture was taken at Kinsmen Beach. Do, however, take advantage of some amazing photo opportunities out there right now! It is looking beautiful as always!

District of Invermere photo

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