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Posted: October 27, 2020

DOI’s new garbage bins not bear resistant

WildSafeBC Columbia Valley is alerting Invermere residents that recently distributed garbage cans are not bear resistant.

The District of Invermere recently introduced an automated garbage collection system and new garbage containers were distributed with it.

“The new bins are much more sturdy and an improvement compared to the variety of containers used previously. It is important to note that these containers are not bear-proof or bear-resistant. For a bin to be deemed bear-resistant, it undergoes a test in which a grizzly or black bear cannot access the bin for at minimum an hour,” the district noted on social media.

“Since bears are incredibly smart, adaptive, and powerful animals, it is rare to find any fully bear-proof container. For the community’s safety and the prevention of unnecessary wildlife fatalities, it is the residences’ responsibility that garbage is to be stored indoors until the morning of pick-up,” said Corinna Strauss, WildSafeBC Columbia Valley Community Coordinator.

“This aligns with the Bylaw No. 1426, which prohibits the feeding of deer and controlling of wildlife attractants.

Bring excess waste to the Invermere transfer station on Industrial road 1 in Athalmer or Columbia Valley Landfill located at 1884 Windermere Loop Road, open seven days a week.

District of Invermere photo


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