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Posted: January 29, 2020

Housing task force members named

By Stephanie Stevens

The much-anticipated District of Invermere (DOI) Mayor’s Task Force on Housing has finally named its committee members.

DOI Mayor Al Miller

The committee, which will work towards finding ways to ensure achievable and affordable housing throughout the municipality, will have representation from not only the DOI council, but the Shuswap and ?akisqnuk First Nations, two citizens at large, a member of the housing/social service sector operating within the DOI, two members from the development community within the DOI, a member of the business community and a member with professional expertise in housing from the DOI or surrounding area. There is also a seat for one youth member position as a non-voting member. The DOI staff will assist the group in a non-voting capacity as well.

Mayor Al Miller will sit on the council, along with Coun. Kayja Becker representing the DOI. For the other seats: Richard Haworth will represent the Shuswap First Nation; the seat for the ?akisqnuk First Nation is still open; Geoff Hill and Dave McGrath will represent citizens-at-large; Harold Hazelaar of Lakeview Manor will sit as the member from housing/social service sector; from the development community operating within Invermere are Christine Scott-Nyuli and Richard Unger; from the business community, Meredith Hamstead and Charles W. Starke will represent as the member with professional expertise in housing.

The council will follow specific guiding principles and work towards not only development initiatives, but methods to increase rental stock, work force housing, non-market attainable housing, affordable housing and social housing.

Miller said he was really happy to see the variety and quality of volunteers on the Mayor’s Council, a sentiment echoed by the rest of council.

Coun. Gerry Taft added he would encourage the new council to learn from other cities that have been working towards the same goal and not try to reinvent the wheel, and to ensure that newer more attainable housing does not make other, current housing unattainable.


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