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Posted: October 21, 2020

Invermere adopts elapsed building permit policy

By Stephanie Stevens

Build it, finish it or lose the permit.

Lapsed building permits will no longer be left on the books as lapsed in the District of Invermere (DOI).

Manager of Building and Protective Services Kim Leibel requested the DOI council adopt a Lapsed Building Permit Policy that would enable Leibel to close permits that have not been fulfilled or renewed.

“Of 216 permits, only 96 are active,” Leibel told council Oct. 13. “As they are lapsed but not actually closed, the liability is still there (for the DOI). I recommend closing them.”

Leibel explained that if a permit is not officially closed, either by completion of build and final inspection or the moving of a lapsed permit into the closed file, the DOI (and therefore Invermere residents) can be held liable for any issues that crop up.

Council voted unanimously to adopt the policy and it is anticipated it should be fully implemented within six months.


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