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Posted: September 18, 2019

Laurier lane change a success: DOI

By Stephanie Stevens

The change in traffic lanes on Laurier Street in Athalmer has thus far been a success.

The street was narrowed to one through lane earlier this year, with the left-hand lane at the intersection of Laurier and Third Ave. becoming left turn only.

While there have been a few incidents of traffic back-up during busier weekends, the offset has been no collisions this summer.

“So far it has been really positive,” said District of Invermere Chief Administrative Officer Chris Prosser Sept. 10. “The locals have been really understanding of this pilot project, and so far we have had no collisions, something we usually have a couple of each year.”

The move to one lane has slowed traffic to a safer speed, which while in peak busy times can result in long lines of cars, but so far not to a standstill.

Coun. Ute Juras said she drives that road several times a day back and forth to work.

“I came out of work one day and saw the cars and thought oh my gosh, but really, while it was slow it never stopped. It flowed, if slowly,” she said.

Mayor Al Miller noted that adding a turn only signal at the lights at the intersection of Laurier and Third Ave. has been held up by the “technically old” traffic lights there.

“We are trying to get it working, but so far we have not been able to,” he said.

Lead image: Laurier Street in Athalmer. e-KNOW file photo


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