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Posted: December 17, 2019

Mayor’s Committee to study affordable housing

Mayor Al Miller

By Stephanie Stevens

Finding an attainable home in the Columbia Valley has been an issue brought up time after time over the past several years.

In an effort to truly address that, District of Invermere Mayor Al Miller is putting together a Mayor’s Committee, the purpose of which is to search out and provide recommendations to council on innovative policies, directives and initiatives to increase the supply of attainable homes.

Miller pointed out this will include rental homes, as “we need to make sure we have a support of affordable rentals for our local workforce.”

The guiding principles of the committee will be to ensure Invermere provides opportunities for people across all income levels, ages and abilities to work and live in the community, recognize the importance of maintaining a diverse community and create a place where all are welcome, ensure families of all sizes and types have a place to live, ensure that all new housing strengthens neighbourhoods and brings people together, and work collaboratively with business, residents and all levels of government to achieve positive results.

Miller said several people have come forward who are willing to be on the committee, and they are in the process of going through and ensuring that there is a wide representation to ensure the best results.

“We are putting together a diverse, well rounded and inclusive group of volunteers to work on this very important issue,” he said. “And in advance I would like to thank all the volunteers who will be participating.”

The aim is for the committee to be up and running as early as January.


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