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Posted: October 30, 2019

Students present climate action banner to district

District of Invermere (DOI) council received both a thank you and a gift during the Oct. 22 regular meeting.

Kate Hale and Samantha Pina were two of approximately 40 students who took part in the Climate Action Strike in downtown Invermere Sept. 20. Along with their signs and speeches, Hale (14) and Pina (15) brought along a huge banner which they presented to the DOI.

“Black Star Studios donated the canvas to us, and put in the rivets, and we painted the earth and planets on with little lines all around the earth,” Hale explained to e-KNOW. “Then we had people write on the actions they pledged to take to help with climate change.”

Hale said her action addition was to always take a cup with her so she never needed a disposable plastic one.

“People pledged to do small things, things they could really do.”

Hale and Pina, who is an exchange student from Mexico and lives with the Hale family, took turns speaking to the council.

“We were not just skipping school,” said Pina with a smile. “We want a planet to grow up and live on.”

“We need you to make decisions that that will help us create that future,” added Hale.

Hale also thanked Coun. Kayja Becker for supporting their efforts and speaking at the strike, as well as being there to represent the DOI.

“She gave a really inspiring speech,” said Hale. “About her own pledges and things she has already done.”

Hale added while there were a lot of different thoughts and opinions at the strike about how to address climate change and get the message out, it felt good that the group was working towards a common goal.

“I don’t speak for everyone, just for myself,” she said. “This was about us all working together.”

Becker told Hale and Pina she was working with staff to find a place to hang the banner, possibly at the Columbia Valley Centre.

Lead image: Kate Hale and Samantha Pina with DOI Mayor Al Miller and council and the banner presented to the district. Stephanie Stevens photo


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