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Posted: August 29, 2020

Local artist produces LP during pandemic

After years of song-writing and playing numerous shows in the East Kootenay, Maddisun has solidified her local following.

She slowly continues to grow in her musical abilities, and her passion for creating music. This past March Maddisun received a grant supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia to further develop her online content and record some high quality music.

She he has projected a full-length debut album release, an official website and official music video. Website and videography will be a collaborative project with Jordan Nering of AMP.

Maddisun took a very natural and off grid approach to this album recording.

Reaching out to Barry Jones of Sincerity Sound Studio (Winlaw), finding her perfect haven for hippy/music lifestyle. In just under a month Maddisun and her studio band (Kyle Albrecht on guitar/bass/prod. Jordan Lysenko on drums) created a beautiful piece of art that Maddisun has titled “Self Reflections.”

With 11 tastefully crafted songs under her belt, and a whole lot of self growth, Maddisun is pleased to be releasing Self Reflections. A much deeper and reflective release, lyrically and musically. You can expect to hear a lot of diversity in the tracks, with the classic and familiar sound in Maddisun’s powerful/soulful vocals.

Cranbrook musician Ferdy Belland plugged Maddisun on social media: “Cranbrook’s soaring songbird Maddisun has released the best East Kootenay solo album in years, and is well worth hearing.”

Give Maddisun’s album a listen.


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