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Posted: August 11, 2018

Night of the Falling Stars tomorrow

Sunday evening, August 12, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower peaks in a dark moonless sky and in a unique stellar event.

Subaru of Cranbrook’s Night of the Falling Stars will be treating 18 participants to Cranbrook’s unprecedented Perseid party!

Subaru will be providing telescopic viewing via Dan Hicks’ new Celestron 150 mm Refractor C6-RGT electrically-motorized telescope.

“Fortuitously, Environment Canada’s forecasted weather for Sunday night has advanced from dismal overcast yesterday to glorious clear skies as of today,” Hicks said August 11.

“Night of the Falling Stars will be held at a dark-sky location where stargazers will be able to view the incoming Perseids vaporize in our mesosphere and identify the eternal bright stars and constellations that have transited across the summer night sky since before there were humans here to contemplate the stars,” Hicks said.

The last time the Perseid peak coincided with a new moon was in 2016 and the next such occasion will not be until 2021.

Lead image: A look at the Perseid Meteor Shower in 2016. Photo courtesy Bob Ede


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