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Posted: February 7, 2018

Promoting and representing the Key City in Whitefish

Joe McGowan, Abbey McWhirter, Jasmine Beaulac, Ann and Jim Wavrecan before the start of Saturday’s parade in Whitefish. The Sam Steele Society recognized both Jim and Ann last year, along with Loree Duczek, at the Ambassador Ball with the Sam Steele Trooper Award.

For more than 45 years, dating back to 1972, the City of Cranbrook has been represented in the Whitefish Winter Carnival parade, with a few exceptions, such as last year when the trip south was cancelled due to bad weather.

February 3 saw Sam Steele Society members and family, and Sam Steele Sweetheart and Princess Abbey McWhirter and Jasmine Beaulac (pictured above), back in the parade – the 70th annual.

The Key City promotional and representational mission earned the float the ‘Whitefish Chamber of Commerce Traveling Trophy.’

This year’s parade marshal was the legendary Michael Edwards, best known as Eddie the Eagle, who first took flight during the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games, where he became celebrated for finishing last in both of his events, and for having tremendous fun in doing so.

Whitefish and area residents turned out in droves for the colourful, lively and often hilarious parade, which rivals Cranbrook’s for number of floats.

Whitefish, population 7,279, is a two hour drive from Cranbrook and Fernie, south on Highway 93, one hour past Eureka.

Photos and video by Ian Cobb and Carrie Schafer

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