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Posted: August 11, 2016

Social media aids RCMP during rash of vehicle thefts

There has been an influx of stolen vehicle calls over the past week in Cranbrook and Kimberley.

rcmp logo glossyOn August 9, Cranbrook RCMP received a complaint of a suspicious vehicle in the Wycliffe area. RCMP members responded to investigate and located the vehicle with two occupants, a male and female, sleeping inside. Upon further investigation it was determined that the vehicle was stolen out of Alberta and a number of items in the vehicle appeared to be stolen. The items included a number of firearms, one of which was loaded. The two occupants, both from Alberta, were taken into custody without incident and a number of charges are being considered at this time. Investigation also revealed that a third occupant may have been involved in this incident but that person had not been located.

Early this morning a Chevy equinox was stolen out of Kimberley. A sighting was reported and Cranbrook and Kimberley RCMP, along with East Kootenay Traffic Services, managed to stop the vehicle on King Street and arrest the 25-year-old female driver and lone occupant. Investigation revealed that she was the third party involved in the stolen vehicle from Alberta.

On August 10, Cranbrook RCMP received a call about a theft of a travel trailer from the industrial area. The brazen theft occurred during daylight hours when the workers were in the yard. A flat deck truck pulled up, hooked up the trailer and drove away. Members were able to get video of the truck and trailer as well as the driver.

This truck and trailer was posted on several social media sites, which helped the RCMP. Cranbrook RCMP received several calls from the public advising that the truck and trailer (pictured above) that had been stolen were at a campground in the Lumberton area.

Once again, Cranbrook RCMP along with the Police Dog Service, East Kootenay Traffic Services and First Nations Policing attended and arrested a male and female for theft of the trailer and the truck, which had been stolen out of Saskatchewan. These two remain in custody and are facing several charges including the theft of the truck and trailer.

“Cranbrook and Kimberley RCMP appreciates all the information that was provided to them in the search for both these vehicles. Social media played a huge part in both the distribution of the make and model of the vehicles and their subsequent location,” said Cst. Katie Forgeron of Cranbrook RCMP.


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