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Posted: October 29, 2014

Stay informed in the hysterical bubble and help defeat terror

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By Ian Cobb

Canada placed a son and protector to rest yesterday.

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, a 24-year-old Hamilton lad who aspired to a full-time career in the Canadian Armed Forces, was at his post, the National War Monument in Ottawa Oct. 22, when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau murdered him.

The cowardly act occurred two days after two Canadian soldiers were struck by a vehicle driven by Martin Couture-Rouleau in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, 53, was killed in the attack described by CSIS as “The violent expression of an extremist ideology.”

Couture-Rouleau fled the scene but was shot and killed by police after a high-speed chase.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Dept. National Defense
Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent. Dept. National Defense

Family man Vincent was a 28-year veteran of the Armed Forces who was contemplating retirement from the military.

Couture-Rouleau was one of 90 people suspected of extremism by the RCMP and his passport had been seized as a result.

To add gasoline to the ISIS-terror-threat blaze, Zehaf-Bibeau was also fond of Islam. His mother Susan Bibeau has related that he wanted to go to Saudi Arabia to study the Qu’ran. Alas, he was not granted a passport, which apparently pushed the unhinged flake over the edge.

A single father – a man doing the right thing who was striving to become a better man paid with his life so some ‘lone wolf’ batspit loser could ‘make a statement.’

So now sons of Canada have shed blood on Canadian soil, as well as on European, Asian and African soil.

The global spread of Islam comes with the sweep of a sharp-edged sword as an ancient war comes to the new world in search of cannon fodder.

Dating back 12 years, 158 Canadians have been killed in Afghanistan, an assignment that held little to zero promise of success. Afghanistan has been the place where empires go to do die for several millennia, so the prospect of Canadian military personnel being killed was quite good.

Standing guard at a memorial in Ottawa… the prospect should be zero. Yet here we are. Another good person has been wiped away at the hands of a lesser person; a soul and mind lost due to any number of nut-biscuit triggers, whether chemical, environmental, social or a rotten combination of all.

And as the world’s human population continues to rocket upward into unsustainable levels, the odds of nut biscuits and sickos running amok grow larger and we continue to see the handiwork of these dispossessed and mentally deranged. Religious fanaticism has been a bastion for such souls since humans fell into the box trap that is blind faith. It’s a perfect feeding ground for angry young men, who are legion in the world.

Every nation has them. In the olden days, young men were sacrificed en masse when shrill rich people couldn’t solve their own shit. Naturally, the angriest of the young men would sign up for action and would more often than not end up a casualty of war.

Since the end of the Second World War, our own sector of the world has been spared the mindless destruction seen in ‘the war torn’ parts of the world. Except for Cold War tremors and Vietnam, we’ve been lucky, up until 9/11.

Such an attack on America was inevitable. The obnoxious beefy guy having his way in a bar or crowded party always ends up with a black eye if he continues with his act long enough.

The mortal coil of our world has been tightening ever since and tensions over religion and race once again mar all the great that has come out of humankind in the past 100 years.

Ignorance and the ignorant hold sway far too often and thanks to social media and the lightning fast nature of human communication, a froth is whipped up in no time.

And no wars for the angry young men means they go off in search of war (see also: Dutch biker gang going to Iraq). Just like Couture-Rouleau and Zehaf-Bibeau; but those two losers couldn’t leave Canada thanks to the tighter security measures in place to keep insulating Canadians from the ‘real world.’

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo
Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

So it begs the question: were Cpl. Cirillo and Warrant Officer Vincent casualties in the ‘war on terror’ or simply people wearing targets who died at the hands of sick men?

The cowards who ended their lives were in turn snuffed out and the anger and antagonism grows, flowing like lava over the bedrock that is essential human goodness.

As we bid adieu to our latest national heroes, we must hold tight to the truth that we are a good and just society – one that has paid great prices to uphold goodness and justice in this world.

We will certainly have to make further sacrifices to the freedoms of our movement and freedom overall, as the powers that be and that make it so and bring it down upon themselves and us all, will seek to expand our security and our intelligence networks. Laws will be rashly flung out that will allow authorities to be able to detain someone they perceive as a threat.

Fewer rights will be available to the individual all in the name of ‘security.’ This will escalate anger and isolate groups in spotlights, right and wrong, and the reckoning continues to approach.

And then there’s the media
Heightening everything to the Nth degree is the media toying with the masses through social media.

The hours following Cpl. Cirillo’s murder, the stuff being ‘reported’ by ‘reporters’ showed the true colours of our larger information providers as well as the wannabe bloggers. Truth based on assembled facts has been tweaked for several decades now by oppressed editors and producers.

But the unscrupulous rat bastards ran amok with click-luring language that equated to THE SKY IS FALLING Oct. 22, along with several sweeping assumptions, such as there being more than one gunman. What ‘fact’ launched that round of reporting? Let’s go back to J school, shall we, eager beavers. In news reporting, the fastest draw generally shoots blanks and that saw was on full display last week. Nothing like inciting potential panic by a being a lazy liar.

The freedoms of the press we have been given through blood and sacrifice of previous generations are precious and should not be squandered on pandering to the common drooling denominator obsessed with their Twitter accounts or other such link to their electronic devices.

The shameless shilling of tragedies like the hyper-over-extension of coverage and massive volumes of droning speculation tapping into the freaks du jour show nothing but contempt to freedom of the press by the industry that should hold it dearest.

The bombardment of ‘maybe’ coverage on any given story amounts to nothing more than fear mongering for the purpose of distraction and enslavement of the mind.

Agendas get pushed forward during such times. Canadians are wise; we know that. Yet the bombardment continues.

This nation showed splendid unity in the wake of the two tragedies last week, despite the efforts of some of the media to incite stupidity with rash headlines and wild assumptions based on zero factual evidence.

We must remain ever vigilant in these darker days and not let terror win. If we erode our freedoms any further, they can claim a victory. Yet also,  if we stoop to Fox News Chicken Little nonsense, the terrorists win because they have us looking over our shoulders everywhere we go.

Anger and despair will linger a spell as we keep processing what has happened in our country; acts perpetrated by Canadians, not foreign radicals. The images of Cpl. Cirillo’s family, friends and comrades burying their loved one will imprint in our memories. But don’t let it blacken your heart. Don’t let it blind you.

Use it to remind you to stay alert and to stay informed beyond ‘click here for six reasons why Canada will be overrun by ebola-infected ISIS agents wearing C4 knickers.’

In closing, an Indiegogo online fund has been set up to collect donations for the families of Cpl. Cirillo and Warrant Officer Vincent. If you can help out… please do so.

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