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Posted: December 5, 2020

We will continue to stand for our freedom

Letter to the Editor

Hundreds gathered at ‘Freedom Rallies’ all across Canada last weekend to march for their rights and freedoms.

About 30 people gathered near City Hall in Cranbrook on Saturday, Nov. 28, holding signs and marching downtown. One sign read, “We are Kind, We are Calm, We are Safe, We Are Opposed to Lockdown!” emphasizing the non-violent nature of the rally. The marchers were petitioning for freedom of choice about issues such as lockdowns, masks, and vaccines, holding signs such as, “My body, my choice.”

Other signs addressed job losses. “Your Job Could Be Next,” “Support Local;” the plight of the vulnerable and elderly, “Support the Vulnerable,” “We Need To Be With Our Loved Ones,” and the unfair mandate against churches; “If Bars Can Open, Why Can’t Churches?”

Some small business owners and pastors in Canada have faced fines or even imprisonment for trying to keep their businesses from going under or for holding services. In response, marchers called for the people of Cranbrook to support local business, stating, “Every Worker Is Essential!”

Those who attended the march on Saturday feel the media and government is causing undue fear about a disease that 98.8% of British Columbia residents recover from. Currently, only 492 people have died from the coronavirus in B.C., out of 36,132 reported cases, according to Google statistics.

Lockdowns, however, have caused a number of alarming problems including higher than normal rates of suicide and substance abuse, record high unemployment rates, anxiety and depression, and of most concern, restrictions of our charter rights and freedoms.

One sign summarized the views of the marchers: “Fear and Mandates are More Deadly Than This Virus.” The marchers demand better information, full transparency from our government, and a ban on corrupt media.

Another concern with a lockdown is our local economy. One local citizen said, “When you leave large stores open where hundreds visit in a day yet close smaller local stores this is not equality, it is discrimination.”

Many feel lockdowns are totally unnecessary, especially considering a statistic recently reported on CTV News: “Total deaths outside of long-term care homes in Canada as of November 15, 2020 = 172.”

Many of the signs, such as, “Ban Censored Media,” addressed the distortion of coronavirus statistics by the media and government. The term “coronavirus” refers to a common virus that can cause symptoms ranging from the common cold to flu or pneumonia. The science behind the new COVID-19 corona, however, is not as “settled” as the media portrays it. Engelbrecht and Demeter ( report that top German scientist Thomas Löscher concedes, “There are no distinctive specific symptoms for COVID-19.”

They also state that the PCR test does not have a “gold standard” (ie., a purified virus sample) to compare it to because scientists have never been able to produce an electron-microscopic shot of the virus.

When Engelbrecht and Demeter asked science teams who had produced papers about the coronavirus to produce an electron-microscopic shot of the virus, scientists could only reply similarly: “We could not estimate the degree of purification because we do not purify and concentrate the virus cultured in cells. (Myung-Guk Han)”

There have been rising concerns about the accuracy of the PCR test. And a “positive test result” does not necessarily mean a person is infectious: “Evidence is mounting that a good proportion of ‘new’ mild cases and people re-testing positives after quarantine or discharge from hospital are not infectious, but are simply clearing harmless virus particles which their immune system has efficiently dealt with. (

The New York Times admitted, “Potentially 90% of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus that they “are not likely to be contagious, do not need to isolate and are not candidates for contact tracing (“Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive; Maybe It Shouldn’t Be,” The New York Times, Aug. 30, 2020).

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney delayed mandating a lockdown in Alberta, stating he did not wish to infringe on the rights and freedoms of Albertans. “Since when should governments, start with an impairment of fundamental Charter-protected rights and freedoms rather than engage in such an impairment as a last and final resort,” he said (CTV News).

The Walk for Freedom group of Alberta says, “We are being called, now more than ever, to exercise and protect our Charter rights to free speech, free association and peaceful assembly. We must show our governments and our fellow Canadians that we will not be intimidated and that we will not allow tyranny to overtake our free, peaceful nation.” (Alberta Press, 29/11).

One Cranbrook resident commented, “We are marching for rights and freedoms that are our God-given natural law, not man-made legalities. We are marching to protect everyone’s rights and freedoms, particularly for the young and the future of “We the People.”

Concerned citizens of Cranbrook will continue to stand for the freedom to live and conduct their businesses according to the rights all Canadians deserve.

Ruth Talbot,


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