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Posted: June 7, 2021

Hunt for Foy continues as police deny officer stabbed

On June 1, members of Cranbrook GIS (General Investigation Services) were in the Jaffray area investigating a recent theft from the volunteer fire hall, when they received a tip of a possible camp nearby on Crown land where stolen property was being stored.

While making patrols for the camp in a forested area near Rock Creek Road (Elk Valley Jurisdiction) members came across a second unrelated camp.  While speaking to the two male occupants of the camp the attending GIS members observed four high end bikes about the campsite, the lawful possession of which appeared incongruent with the lifestyle of the camp occupants, and began an investigation into the possession of stolen property.

PDS Denim
Cst. Denim

One male provided a false name. While police were running that false name, the male fled on foot, prompting a call to RCMP Police Dog Service (PDS) to assist in locating him.

The identified the male was Brady Foy (pictured) who is currently wanted on multiple outstanding unendorsed warrants.

Once PDS Corporal Sullivan arrived on scene members observed Foy approximately 70 yards away in the forest. When Foy failed to respond to verbal commands the PDS dog was deployed to apprehend him.

Corporal Sullivan lost sight of both Foy and PDS dog; however, he heard the dog yelp and feared he had been attacked.

The PDS dog was missing for a few minutes, before emerging from the woods near the staged GIS members. PDS Denim had blood from an unknown source on his face.

Multiple municipal resources from Cranbrook, BC Highway Patrol (BCHP) members and Cranbrook Indigenous Police Service (IPS) members converged on the area to establish containment.

Once Corporal Sullivan had assessed the PDS DOG and found no obvious injuries, the pair commenced tracking Foy.

Nearby occupied areas were canvassed, and a vacant set of insecure holiday cabins cleared. Despite exhaustive efforts, Foy was not located.

Currently, Elk Valley RCMP have taken custody of the stolen property, and will have conduct of the related investigation.

It was speculated that PDS DOG may have been stabbed but he was not. However, a public Facebook posting has since been made from an unidentified source reporting that a Cranbrook police officer was stabbed in Jaffray. This source of information was also incorrect.

No police officer was stabbed during this interaction with Foy.

At time of writing, it is unknown if Foy suffered any injuries in his interaction with PDS Denim. Elk Valley RCMP would like to thank the excellent teamwork by PDS Corporal Sullivan and PDS Denim, Cranbrook RCMP members, Cranbrook BCHP members, Cranbrook IPS members and to the Conservation Officer Service.

Efforts will continue to locate Foy and bring him before the courts.

A/Cpl Katerenchuk,

Elk Valley RCMP

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