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Posted: October 21, 2020

Local leaders voice support for Clovechok re-election

Local government leaders from across Columbia River-Revelstoke are saying re-electing Doug Clovechok as MLA is the best way for local communities to have a strong, effective voice working on their behalf in Victoria.

“Doug promised us in 2017 that he would listen to our concerns and work hard for us. That’s exactly what he has done, and that’s why I am voting to send him back to Victoria to continue to work on our behalf,” said Al Miller, District of Invermere Mayor. “The BC Liberals’ plan to cut the sales tax while maintaining services, expand affordable childcare, make car insurance cheaper, and invest in infrastructure, means more money and better services for families and local businesses across Columbia River-Revelstoke.”

“I am voting to re-elect Doug Clovechok because RDEK (Regional District of East Kootenay) Area E finally has a MLA who can get things done for us in Victoria. He has done so much it’s impossible to cover everything,” said Jane Walter, RDEK Electoral Area E Director. “Doug helped get Cherry Creek Falls Park established, and he opened an office in Kimberley which helped us address many local issues including road issues in Wasa and St. Mary’s Lake. Doug consistently makes himself available to help me with issues impacting my constituents.”

“I have sat at the table with MLA Clovechok on many issues surrounding our region over the last several years. Doug is always a consummate professional trying his best to bring rural issues to Victoria on all of our behalf,” added Karl Sterzer, Village of Canal Flats Mayor. “I am continually encouraged by his down to business attitude leaving personal opinions at the door to achieve the greater good for all.”

“Whenever Revelstoke’s back has been against the wall Doug Clovechok has delivered results for us,” added Gary Sulz, City of Revelstoke Mayor. “Whether it has been getting the provincial government to act on transportation or wildlife management issues or getting constituents the help they need on a daily basis, Doug has been an effective champion for Revelstoke in Victoria. In this election, I’m supporting Doug Clovechok and the B.C. Liberals because they are the people I trust to move our communities forward with their bold plan to make life more affordable and create jobs.”

“Over my decade in local government, I worked with many different MLAs on many different topics. Doug was always the most available, receptive, and responsive to the needs of his constituents,” concluded former RDEK Electoral Area F Director and former Union of BC Municipalities’ President Wendy Booth. “I am voting for him so he can continue his hard work on behalf of the constituents of Columbia River-Revelstoke.”

Today is the final day for advance voting ahead of the Oct. 24 (Saturday)) general election.


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