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Posted: October 28, 2017

Local releases second novel

Nowell Berg

Pros From Dover Productions Inc. is please to announce the release of Lost Souls, a novel by Nowell Berg.

Lost Souls is a contemporary love story set
 in a mid-sized town where
 a 32-year-old emotionally wounded carpenter, awakened from a lucid dream in which his soul
mate pushes her index finger into his heart, 
battles his sub-conscious, his brother, the
 parish priest and an obsessed psychiatrist
 with a dark secret to find and love the woman of his dreams.

Lost Souls is now available for the Amazon Kindle and the Kobo Aura. Lost Souls contains mature subject matter, strong language and sexuality; reader discretion is advised.

Lost Souls is Berg’s second novel. The Wasa resident’s first book –  Jet Girrl and Mr. Bizzaro: Surviving Natural Disaster – was based on his experience surviving the June 2013 flood in High River, Alberta.

Watch the Jet Girrl trailer

Berg is also the writer and director of a short film, The AnyTime Boys. Watch it here.

For more information on the author.


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