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Posted: June 4, 2019

Three small fires in region; all human-caused

The BC Wildfire Service is reporting three small human-caused fires have begun in the East Kootenay over the past two days, with one in the South Country and two in the Columbia Valley.

There is an estimated one hectare fire, reported June 3, off the North Plumbob Forest Service Road, about seven km west of Cutt’s Marina/Lake Koocanusa.

And there is an estimated .02 ha fire reported in the Toby Creek canyon, bordering the District of Invermere and another .01 ha fire off Brisco Road on the west side of the Columbia River Wetlands about 4.5 km northwest of Brisco, discovered today (June 4).

To report a wildfire or irresponsible behaviour that could start a wildfire in British Columbia, please call 1 800 663-5555 or (*5555 from a cell phone) as soon as possible. Information from the public is crucial to the effectiveness of our response.

All calls are answered by BC Wildfire Service staff at the Provincial Wildfire Reporting Centre.

Any information you can provide is helpful, however you can expect the emergency call taker to ask for details about the fire, such as;

– Location – i.e. Where is the fire? How far up the hillside? Closest intersection?

Size – e.g. Metres? Hectares? Size of a house? Size of a football field?

Rate of spread – i.e. How quickly is the fire spreading?

Fuel – i.e. What is burning? Grass, bushes, trees?

Smoke/flames – i.e. What colour is the smoke? Are flames visible?

Threat – i.e. Are there any people or buildings at risk?

Action – i.e. Is anyone fighting the fire?

Campfires – If reporting a campfire, can you tell if it is wood burning or is it a propane campfire?

Check out BC Wildfire Service’s website for up-to-date information.


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