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Posted: February 24, 2018

Trudeau bhangras face first into a wall

Kootenay Crust

By Ian Cobb

Op-Ed Commentary

While President Donald (Hold My Beer) Trump continues to rocket up the ‘All-Time Ugliest American President’ list, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rapidly bhangraing up the ‘All-Time Biggest Stooge’ list of Canadian Prime Ministers.

The ink of his ‘I Love the Aga Khan’ tattoo still bold and shiny, Short Pants and family this past week hit India with the combined force of a perfume shop fart and pantomime farce.

Along with playing dress up India in his endless and ongoing desire to suck up to everyone and thing before stabbing them in the back later, Trudeau and pals have shown Trumpesque dimwittedness by inviting Jaspal Atwal, convicted for attempted murder of former Indian cabinet minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu on Vancouver Island in 1986, to a party in New Dehli.

There is more, Atwal was also charged, but not convicted, as part of a 1985 attack on former B.C. Premier and federal Liberal government cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh, an opponent to the Sikh separatist movement in India.

Relations between Canada and the world’s most populous nation have been strained in the past. Trudeau’s big photo op seeking feet have trampled those relations.

Dosanjh accused the federal Liberals of being too close to Sikh separatists before Trudeau shamed himself and Canada with bad Bollywood dancing and sycophancy.

The PM’s office, scrambling like Scaramucci on acid, admitted the invite was a boo boo and the invite was taken back. However, and one can make all sorts of assumptions about this, Atwal was at a reception with the PM and company BEFORE said party and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau was photographed beside him.

All together now – D’OH!

“How could the RCMP, how could the PMO, how could the high commissioner — how could all three of them — be blind to this?” Dosanjh asked afterward.

D’oh! D’oh! D’oh!

Of course, as always when it comes to the grease floating on the top of the pond, someone is taking the fall. That is Surrey MP Randeep Sarai who apparently sent out the invite. D’oh!

All this while, between posing for what seemed like a rock entourage volume of photo ops, Trudeau and parade were in India to seek trade deals.

Even former Liberal PM Lester B Pearson would even be aghast at this buffoonery and he was the dumb duck who sold India nuclear power! Sorry Pakistan!


Beyond all the well rehearsed prayer faces from ‘the most earnest’ of PMs and family-sized costume parties it seems the shine is starting to dim on Short Pants.

Indian media slagged him, naturally, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have snubbed Trudeau, making him wait to meet with him (Short Pants filled the time with photo ops). However, they had a big messy hug after they did meet, which probably went like this…

Modi: “You dick! What the hell? How’d you like me to come to Canada and be all chummy with FLQ types? Or dance around in cowboy garb in Calgary espousing the glories of the Alberta way?”

Trudeau (shifting to ensure the best possible photograph and listening oh so earnestly while gently placing a hand on Modi’s shoulder and looking firmly but softly into his eyes): “Look this way; say cheese!”

Modi: “What? No. Is that a Khalistani bana you’re wearing! You know, having that assassin among your retinue was…”

Trudeau (his eyes closed and his hands clasped together in earnest, firm and soft prayer): “Let’s hug.”

Modi: “Only if you will leave my country.”

Trudeau (ripping off some bhangra moves): “Okay.”

Good job Short Pants.

World leader 101 – second paragraph page one: “Do not tromp willingly into the steaming piles of other nations for thou will wear it on your face.


Time to come home now Short Pants. You’ve got an inter-provincial trade war brewing between Canada’s two top ‘have’ provinces that your government sucks dry with equalization payments, your largest trade partner is throwing feces at us between bouts of self abuse and our hockey and curling teams have failed to win gold medals.

Leader-the-frig-up, son.

Ian Cobb is owner and editor of e-KNOW and a staunch believer in kicking PMs in the rump whenever they completely soil the bed.

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