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Posted: January 18, 2021

Elk Valley RCMP Report

By A/Cpl Debra Katerenchuk

Elk Valley RCMP Detachment Media Report contains details of investigations into extortion, fraud, COVID-19, motor vehicle accidents and theft.

Real-estate fraud reports in the Elk Valley

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, RCMP have received two reports of scammers who have attempted to capitalize on the housing markets in the Elk Valley. These types of frauds come in many forms and it is crucial for you to protect your personal and financial information.

If you suspect fraud, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation will urge you to not only contact the RCMP, but also the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, which will provide you with recommendations on how to protect yourself as a property owner.

Elk Valley COVID-19 Update

Responses from the RCMP to COVID-19 related calls continue to be challenging along with its additional risks to police, who continue to respond to calls for service throughout the pandemic.  Since mid-March 2020, RCMP have responded to 30 calls for COVID-19 related complaints. Of that number, only one provincial violation ticket was issued for “Promote non-compliant event,” that resulted in a $230 fine.

Elk Valley RCMP are also working with Liquor Licensing Inspectors and Environmental Health Inspectors to ensure Elk Valley pub/bar owners are compliant with the Provincial Health Orders. Police will be stepping up their patrols after recent information of non-compliance was received.

Winter weather conditions creates an increase in motor vehicle accidents

Since December 2020 to present, Elk Valley RCMP have responded to 45 motor vehicle incidents, some resulting in minor injuries. Heavy snow and icy conditions were contributing factors for many of these collisions.

– A/Cpl  Debra Katerenchuk is “C” Watch, Watch Commander and Media Relations Officer with Elk Valley RCMP

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