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Posted: June 13, 2022

Elk Valley RCMP Report

By Cst. Debra Katerenchuk

Female seriously injured after being struck by vehicle

On June 8, around 3:15 p.m., a 70-year-old female pedestrian suffered non-life-threatening injuries after being struck by a vehicle in Fernie.

The woman was struck on 2nd Avenue, across from the Salvation Army. She was airlifted by a STARS air ambulance to Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta.

The male driver remained on the scene and was co-operating with the police.  All those involved remained at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances of the collision.

RCMP remind drivers to slow down and move over

Moving over for flashing lights can save lives.

B.C.’s Slow Down, Move Over Law is designed to protect all of us, by making it mandatory for drivers to reduce their speed and move over to an open lane when driving near a vehicle with flashing amber, red or blue lights.

Motorists must slow their speed to:

  • 70 km/h when in an 80 km/h or over zone.
  • 40 km/h when in an under 80 km/h zone.

Failure to slow down and move over can result in a traffic violation ticket of $173 and carries three penalty points against your license.

“I think people forget or just do not know how to respond when emergency vehicles are approaching with lights and sirens,” said Elk Valley RCMP Media Liaison Cst. Debra Katerenchuk.

Anyone who sees a siren or flashing lights is instructed to clear any intersection before signally to get off the road.  On a two-lane road, vehicles are to pull over to the right. On a road with three or more lanes, vehicles are expected to pull over the nearest side of the road.

Ask any police officer what one of the more dangerous daily tasks is, and most will bring up working roadside or responding to a critical incident.  As police are trying to direct traffic, interacting with a driver, or going to an emergency, there are thousands of kilograms of metal and rubber flying by officers constantly.

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