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Posted: January 25, 2020

Heartland Ramble rolling through Elkford

Story-led singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ray Cooper,  who played in the British folk/rock Oysterband, is currently touring on the Heartland Ramble Route and it will lead him to Coaldale, Alberta Feb. 5 and Elkford Feb. 6.

Ray Cooper sings with the cello (standing), guitar and mandolin and also plays harmonica. If there is a piano in the house he’ll play that too.

“I play mostly my own songs with a few trad. I am Scottish/English/Irish but I now live in Sweden. Expect some influences from all those places although I am primarily a singer/songwriter. I played in Oysterband for 25 years so that is a major influence on my style. I am also influenced by Neil Young, Johnny Cash, June Tabor, Phil Chevron, Jimmy Webb, Ennio Morricone, Rick Rubin, and Swedish/Scottish/English/Irish folk music.”

Cooper has released three solo albums  and his set will include songs from all of them as well as some new unreleased material.

“A lot of my songs are inspired by places and things that happened there, real and imaginary. Another major influence is history and winter. Yes, winter; the ice and snow, the north, is a recurrent theme. My performance is story-led, many songs tell a story and I also tell stories related to the songs.”

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