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Posted: June 18, 2021

Banner Project call for entry opens

The much-loved Banner Project is back for another year and we are calling out to the amazing artists that call the Elk Valley home to once again contribute by submitting your entries.

For over the past decade, Elk Valley artists have added their own air to the city’s streets, offering works of art for banners that line Highway 3 and downtown.

This is a community art project so any Fernie local is welcome to apply and we look forward to seeing lots of different art mediums from all ages. The launch will be in September this year and the timeframe is shorter to get your artwork submitted so don’t wait!

The Application for the 2021 Fernie Banner Project is now open.

To apply click here!

The deadline is July 16 at 2 p.m.

On June 30 is the Banner Art walk.

Join Louise Ferguson on an art walk in downtown Fernie to check out last year’s banners and what makes a successful application. Things to consider, what the jury is looking for and tips and tricks for a success. Register here.

If you need any assistance with your application we are holding a Banner assist day on July 7. Find out more information here.

Thank you to the City of Fernie for supporting this project.

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Fernie and District Arts Council

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