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Posted: March 12, 2018

City using Gax Tax funds for IICP development

The City of Fernie has received $181,750 from the federal Gas Tax Fund, under the Strategic Priorities Fund, to develop an Integrated Infrastructure Capital Plan (IICP) to prioritize investment in existing city assets.

This capacity building project will build on the city’s recently completed Asset Management Investment Plan (AMIP) which set out annual funding levels options for investing in the renewal of city infrastructure to ensure sustainable service delivery, the city explains on its website.

“The IICP work plan will align infrastructure master planning and asset management investment planning using a holistic, risk-based approach to improve decision making,” the city noted.

“As an integrated sustainable approach, the IICP project will consider environmental, economic and social issues to ensure the community receives the best value for limited resources now and in the future.”


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