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Posted: September 10, 2019

Fernie home of new SD5 Kootenay Learning Campus

School District No. 5 (SD5), Southeast Kootenay Board of Education gathered together today (Sept. 10) at 802 Victoria Avenue in Fernie to announce the opening of the new Kootenay Learning Campus (KLC). Also in attendance were Superintendent Silke Yardley, Secretary-Treasurer, Alan Rice and district administrators.

The KLC is housed in an office, originally built in 1965 which is owned by the district. Under the guidance of renowned architect, Catherine Chernoff, approximately $1.9 million in upgrades and renovations were completed to create a 21st century learning space for the district.

The KLC will offer Ministry of Education (MoE) programs for SD5 learners of all ages offered within in what Board Chair, Frank Lento describes as a “campus with a future inside. The campus will provide an educational edge for student and adult learners of all ages in our district.”

According to Lento, Chernoff’s exterior renovation elements were designed to respect the City of Fernie’s Official Community Plan and will feature an inviting central entrance and a unique outdoor patio gathering space.

Inside, a wide complement of spaces featuring individual learning areas, co-worker meeting/seminar rooms, and in-service training/professional development spaces as well as a 45-seat presentation theatre will encompass the 6,000 sq. ft. space.

The Learning Campus offers state-of-the-art technology to sustain the personalized electronic programs and learning support, educational program guidance and counselling that will accommodate the learning needs of student and adult learners throughout the communities that make up SD5.

Lento said the challenge was to create a space that works well for the young adult learner looking to upgrade his or her education, the K-12 students in the home school learning, alternate or independent study programs, and the support personnel who will be working with these students. He believes Ms. Chernoff has designed a “physically flexible” space that lends itself well to the diversity of programming being offered.

“SD5 is excited and pleased to offer a learning campus where learners of all ages, throughout the district, will have additional opportunities to experience success and keep improving at their own rate,” said Lento.

“With the support of a committed team of professionals, the Kootenay Learning Campus will be a vibrant learning village for individuals to pursue and achieve their personal educational goals.”

Photos courtesy SD5

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