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Posted: October 1, 2022

Fernie removing bear attractant trees

City of Fernie crews have started to remove and replace the fruit trees in historic downtown Fernie.

This follows recommendations to reduce wildlife attractants after 12 black bears and two grizzlies were put down in the Fernie area last year.

Fernie is a hotspot for wildlife conflicts, so we are taking action to reduce wildlife attractants in public spaces, particularly in densely populated areas.

Work started Sept. 30 and we’re sorry for failing to let everyone know why fruit trees are coming out, that new trees will be planted next year, and why we’re doing this now. We jumped the gun.

We’ve published more information on our website now, including how residents can connect with WildSafeBC Elk Valley to join us in reducing wildlife attractants that drive conflicts in our community.

The stumps will be removed and we will be replanting more appropriate trees next year.

Find out more and find links to a council delegation on the topic from earlier this year.

City of Fernie

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