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Posted: July 20, 2020

Ghostrider Crossing awarded to lowest bidder

By Erin KnutsonĀ 

The City of Fernie July 13 awarded the 2020 Ghostrider Commercial Infrastructure Improvements Project construction to Transcendent Mining and Mobilization Inc. for the amount of $2,356,662.86.

“This project is supported by council’s goals to upgrade and maintain city infrastructure and facilitate the provision of our key services, transportation, stormwater management, and water distribution,” according to a report prepared by Municipal Engineer Jenny Weir.

Following the city’s consulting engineers’ advice (ISL Engineering & Land Services Ltd.), mayor and council approved the contract.

TranscendentĀ will begin construction this year to provide significant enhancements to the Ghostrider Commercial Area, also known as Ghostrider Crossing.

The company won the bid based on its qualifications and price tag. It was the lowest bidder of two options beating out Terus Construction Ltd. Dba. BA Blacktop, which bid at $2,374,923.93.

A design presentation made on March 16 at a Committee-of-the-Whole meeting proposed a plan to upgrade the area based on several issues with the Kutenai, Shadow, and Ktunaxa roads.

The project’s preliminary design brief demonstrated issues with drainage, air quality, and potholes.

Development of the cross-section (Ghostrider Crossing) gained traction after four-months of careful consultation and public tendering. The upgrades will improve the functionality and ‘level of service’ for residents and users frequenting the neighbourhood.

“Upgrades will include upsized watermains to increase available fire flow, improved road structure and paving a stormwater management system, and a multi-use path to provide further connectivity to surrounding neighbourhoods,” said Weir.

An extra $223,028 from the Gas Tax Reserves fund was approved by council for the project based on staff recommendations to ensure the project’s completion and as a buffer for unforeseen costs that may arise during construction.

The additional funds will not need approval from council for use, and Transcendent will have full access to the amount according to a clarification made by Coun. MorganĀ Pulsifer.

“Any use of this fund is not going to require council approval; it’s only the amounts after the $223,028 that would come back to council,” he said.

See the 2020 capital project preliminary design brief.

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