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Posted: September 1, 2021

HR manager approved for City of Fernie

By Erin Knutson

City of Fernie council greenlighted funding for a full-time Human Resources Manager position August 23.

The position was touted as necessary to improve the quality of life of staff by Mayor Ange Qualizza.

“I am asking council to support this recommendation. I see the drag on Mr. (Michael) Boronowski, acting as full-time HR Manager, and the effect on his role as CAO,” said Qualizza.

According to a staff report, funding for the position will be allocated from the current salary budget and is projected to be around $40,000 for a candidate’s recruitment, relocation, and salary for 2021.

“The addition of a Human Resources position to the municipality for 2021 is to come from the existing salary budget, and future funding will be formalized during the 2022 budget and financial process,” said the report.

A unanimous decision by Fernie council was based on the recommendation of an audit report, prepared by the now obsolete Auditor General for Local Government (AGLG), detailing human resource management in a small local municipality.

The report cited that staff performed multiple roles to accommodate limited resources, resulting in difficulties with HR Services.

“A dedicated HR resource for the city would directly support the leadership and management team in advancing council’s priority for the CAO of organizational development.”

The mayor’s final words to council before voting centred on the well-being of staff and the city.

“It’s the people that are here to 9 to 5 that are really serving the needs of the community – I’m absolutely in support of this,” said Qualizza.


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