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Posted: June 19, 2020

RCMP safely apprehend man in mental health crisis

On June 17, at approximately 9 p.m., Elk Valley RCMP responded to a report of a suicidal male at a hotel in Fernie.

Friends of the male had telephoned the crisis line stating that their friend was intoxicated and was crying out that he wanted “suicide by cop.”

RCMP officers attended to the scene, assessed the situation and utilized crisis-intervention and de-escalation techniques that led to the apprehension of the male under the B.C. Mental Health Act, without incident or injury. He was immediately taken to hospital for medical assessment and care.

Elk Valley RCMP Media Relations Officer Cst. Debra Katerenchuk noted a friend of the man later contacted the Elk Valley RCMP, commending the officer who had arrived to assist his friend.

“This friend expressed that he felt that: ‘the officer’s actions were beyond exemplary, that the officer had viewed the situation from a human point of view, one of mental distress and not a criminal act. The officer reassured my friend, realized that professional help was required, despite the aggressive behaviour of my friend, even after he had reached for the officer’s gun. Thank you RCMP and thank-you to the officer for being exactly what the police stand for, especially in the current climate,’” Cst. Katerenchuk relayed.


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