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Posted: October 20, 2021

Large game back in valley bottoms RCMP warn

It is that time of year again where more large mammals are in the valley bottoms and are in direct conflict with highway traffic, Elk Valley RCMP warned on social media this week.

Research indicates there are hundreds of collisions with large mammals along Highway 3 in the Elk Valley every year. Many collisions are reported but the aftermath of dead elk, bears, and deer on the side of the highway are regularly seen.

“Please slow down and drive the speed limit, especially at dusk and at night. Look far ahead and scan for wildlife movement. While not all collisions are avoidable, many are and speed and lack of attention are contributing factors,” RCMP advised.

“So, please slow down. Driving 100 km/h instead of 110 km/h from Sparwood to Fernie will only increase the drive time by two minutes! Colliding with an animal will increase that time by a lot more! Spread the word,” RCMP concluded.

Elk Valley RCMP photo


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