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Posted: December 20, 2019

Sparwood Council Facts

The following is a synopsis of what occurred during the Dec. 17 District of Sparwood council meeting.


BC Emergency Health Services & United Way

Kristi Williams of BC Emergency Health Services and Kylie Fredrickson of the United Way provided an overview the LifeKit Project, an emergency awareness kit, to council. A LifeKit provides pertinent information regarding an individual’s doctor, medical conditions, allergies and next of kin. The information is stored inside a plastic pouch and kept in your fridge alerting emergency responders of any health issues.


Youth Advisory Commission Bylaw

Youth Advisory Commission Amendment Bylaw No. 1263 was adopted. The amendment allowed for three new students to be appointed to the Youth Advisory Commission Board. Neveah Kerkhoven, Sage Charest, and Ethan Bruce, students from Sparwood Secondary School, were appointed to the Board for a two-year term.

Street Naming Bylaw

Street Naming Bylaw No. 1253, 2019 was given three readings. This bylaw clarifies names and spelling of existing municipal roads for the purposes of mapping, emergency response, enforcement, signage, and navigation.


Strategic Priorities Report

Council accepted the Strategic Priorities Chart, updated to December 2019, which outlines the progress made on strategic priorities over the past three months. The chart reflects the timelines for completion of the tasks that are currently underway by staff on both council and operational strategies.

Council Chambers Audio-Visual System

Council approved an expenditure of up to $100,000 for the Council Chambers audio-visual system update. The existing system has several issues including the quality of the video recording, the inability to view any presentations on the screens and the difficulty hearing anyone who is not speaking directly into a microphone. Staff will continue to negotiate with the top proponents to obtain the best solution / value within that budget limit. The final award of the contract will be made in accordance with the Purchasing Policy.

Mountain View Mobile Home Park

Council approved an application to modify the rear lot lines to spaces 116, 117 and 118 in the Mountain View Mobile Home Park to facilitate the replacement of the homes damaged by the fire in September 2019. The modifications to the spaces are minor and will align the rear lot lines to the other lot lines along the row.

Centennial Square Concept Plan

Council authorized the submission of a grant application, in the amount of $500,000, under the Community Outdoor Revitalization Capital Grant program through Columbia Basin Trust. If successful, the funding will be applied to phase one of the Centennial Square Revitalization project. Preliminary concept plans have been developed for the revitalization of Centennial Square and there will be a winter street party at the end of January or early February to gather the community’s feedback on moving forward with the project.

Heritage Society

Council authorized a grant-in-aid to the Michel-Natal Sparwood Heritage Society in the amount of $6,000 for 2020, for utilities and snow removal at the Sparwood Museum. The society has been working hard towards becoming self-sufficient through fundraising and grants. They are currently working on a new modern mining exhibit which they hope to have completed when the museum reopens in May 2020.

Arena floor

Council approved selling the arena temporary floor to the City of Fernie. The floor was purchased jointly with the City of Fernie in 2009 and since then Sparwood has only installed it once to ensure it fit. For more information, see the staff report. Occupational Health & Safety Program Council adopted a new Occupational Health & Safety Program (OH&S). The Program will become a guiding document in developing comprehensive priorities and objectives and ensure that the District is complying with BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Infrastructure Planning Grant Application

Council authorized the submission of an application for up to $10,000 to the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to provide training for staff in developing an Asset Management Plan. Council also approved an operating budget allocation of $5,000 to support this grant application.


The following meetings will take place in Council Chambers at 136 Spruce Avenue.

  • Regular Meeting on January 7, 2020 – CANCELLED
  • Socio-Community & Economic Effects Advisory Committee Meeting on January 15 – CANCELLED
  • Regular Meeting on Tuesday, January 21, at 6 p.m.
  • Committee of the Whole Meeting on Tuesday, January 28 at 6 p.m.

District of Sparwood

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