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Posted: September 22, 2021

Stop for school buses and be mindful of school zones

Elk Valley RCMP is asking the public to once again be aware that it is that time of year when drivers must be aware and alert when approaching posted 30 km/h school zones.

Under Section 147(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act, it is a requirement to stay under that speed.  Failing to do so will set you back $196 plus three points, said A/Cpl Debra Katerenchuk, Elk Valley RCMP “B” Watch, Watch Commander and Media Relations Officer.

“Also, regardless of which direction you are travelling, specifically if you oncoming to a school bus with its flashing yellow and red lights, is a pretty good indicator that the bus is about to stop, or is stopped, and children will be walking outside the bus on the roadway,” she noted.

“Under the Motor Vehicle Act, Section 149 clearly states that a driver must stop before reaching the bus and not proceed until the bus resumes motion or the driver of the bus signals to other drivers that it is safe to proceed.  Failing to obey would net you a fine of $368 plus three points.”

Lead image courtesy Cst. J. Yliruusi, Elk Valley RCMP


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