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Posted: March 29, 2023

Forest Crowne duplex rezoning approved

Kimberley City Council Report

By Nowell Berg

On March 27, City of Kimberley council held its regular bi-monthly meeting.

Councillors Sue Cairns, Kevin Dunnebacke, Woody Maguire and Steven Royer were present along with Mayor Don McCormick. Coun. Sandra Roberts attended by video call.

Coun.  Jason McBain was absent.

A video archive of the meeting can be found on the City of Kimberley YouTube channel. Watch it here.

Forest Crowne Public Hearing

Troy Pollock, Manager Planning, presented to council a re-zoning application from Tyee Homes for 501 Forest Crowne Drive. The re-zoning was requested to accommodate the construction of a duplex unit on the vacant corner lot.

Pollock said, “This would be the first duplex in Forest Crowne (FC).”

The city received 14 written submissions regarding the zoning change. Two submissions were in favour. The remaining 10 letters were opposed to the re-zoning.

At the public hearing, five presentations were made, four opposed and one in favour.

Murray Mclean, who lives next door to the proposed lot, said he was told the lot was a green space. “We paid a premium for being next to a green space.”

Opposed to the zoning change, he added, “Other areas of FC master plan are designated for semi-detached and multi-family homes, why force duplex’s in an area zoned for single family.”

Echoing previous concerns and comments, Chris Willis said he was “opposed” to the zoning change because all the dwellings nearby are “single family homes.”

Eilleen Galveston, who lives across the street, opposed the zoning change saying the proposed building would “degrade the lot with duplex construction.”

Bruce Hendricks added, “To change the game at this point is difficult for those of us who live in the area.” He urged council, “Listen to the voice of the constituents in the decision-making process.”

Carl Lauren from Tyee Homes pointed out the lot is almost large enough to be sub-divided into two and as such is sufficiently large enough to accommodate the proposed duplex. He suggested people who have difficulties with duplexes check out Tyee home construction in Mark Creek Landing. He also told council that Tyee intends to rent the duplex units.

Coun. Royer said he “visited the lot and neighbours,” and understands their concerns. He also felt that given Tyee’s plans and images one could “not tell it’s a duplex.”

Coun. McQuire said the proposed duplex would be “more appealing than two single units.”

Coun. Cairns noted the “unfortunate history” of the lot being designated as green space. Adding that the proposed design for a high-performance home “doesn’t look like an old-style duplex.”

Concluding comments, Mayor McCormick said the “misunderstanding of what happened to the lot,” first being designated green space and then being sold. Addressing letters opposed that suggested the duplex would be an “eye-sore.” “I don’t get it; I’ve never seen anything Tyee built as an eye-sore.”

The re-zoning was approved, unanimously.

BC Winter Games Legacy Grants

Each year, the city administers and allocates the interest from the Winter Games Legacy fund through the Community Grants program. This year, a total of $7,175 was available for distribution.

Seven local non-profit sports groups made applications totalling $16,877.

Council approved distribution of funds to:

Kimberley Nordic Club – $2,612;

Kootenay East Soccer Association – $1,150;

Freewheelers Youth Mountain Bike Program – $1,028;

Kootenay Soccer Academy – $735;

Kimberley Alpine Team – $671;

Kimberley Curling Club – $537;

Kimberley Seahorse Swim Club – $443;

Alpine Crescent Sanitary Sewer Lining

Insituform Technologies has been awarded a contract to conduct the work on the Alpine Crescent sanitary sewer lining project. The contract is worth $299,725.

Work will commence this upcoming construction season.

Kimberley city council meets twice monthly starting at 7 p.m. The next regular council meeting: April 11.

Lead image: Tyee Homes’ drawing of the proposed duplex at 501 Forest Crowne. From Kimberley council agenda

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