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Posted: January 20, 2022

McKim funded for Active School Travel Pilot Program

Kimberley’s McKim Middle School is one of 12 schools throughout the province destined for more exercise and fresh air as part of their daily commute when the second year of the Active School Travel Pilot Program kicks off.

The Active School Travel Pilot Program is designed to increase the number of students using active transportation, such as walking or biking, in their daily commute between home and school. The program is administered by BC Healthy Communities Society.

The province’s initial two-year investment of $400,000 supported program development and the participation of 11 schools in January 2021. An additional investment of $280,000 this year means students at 12 new schools will take part.

Participating schools can request as much as $10,000 to implement their projects and receive access to capacity-building tools and resources from BC Healthy Communities Society. The program helps municipalities, school districts and parents work together to plan walking and cycling improvements that meet specific needs in the neighbourhood, including:

* regular encouragement events and incentives to increase regular walking and biking to school;

* assessment, such as a best-route-to-school mapping project;

* skill-building and safety education opportunities for students and parents;

* expansion of slow street projects to reduce traffic volume immediately around school areas;

* shared bikes, scooters and skateboards for students; and

* amenities and infrastructure improvements, including bike racks and improved signage.

BC Healthy Communities Society is a province-wide not-for-profit group that facilitates the ongoing development of healthy, thriving and resilient communities.

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