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Posted: February 7, 2015

10 days of racing underway at Kimberley

Dreadnaught Ski Racing brought to you by the Kimberley Disabled Skiers Association, the Kimberley Alpine Team, and the Kimberley Alpine Resort, the Osisko Speed Camp and FIS Night Slalom and Keurig Cup Super G and Downhill are happening February 4-13 at the Kimberley Alpine Resort.

Race organizers Lloyd Steeves and Donna Briggs are back again to bring another successful event to Kimberley Alpine Resort.

Steeves, a resident of Kimberley for the past eight years, brings along a wealth of experience, which includes over 30 years of participation in ski racing. Some of his more notable tasks include being assistant chief of course for the past 10 years at the Men’s World Cup in Lake Louise.  Also, Steeves was a section chief at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In addition, he received BC Alpine’s volunteer award of the year for 2010/11 and ViaSport BC’s Alpine volunteer of the year for 2012/13.

Donna Briggs who again is working on this race received volunteer of the year through BC Alpine for her involvement with the FIS Keurig Speed Camp, Super G, Downhill and Night Slalom last year. In 2014 this event was chosen ‘Event of the Year’ by BC Alpine.

FIS Racers (16-years-old and over) will compete. The Alberta and BC Ski Teams will be at the hill as well as 16 ski clubs in B.C. and Alberta and athletes from Australia, Denmark, Eritrea, Germany, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand and USA.

“Make no mistake, this is a big deal race – 10 days of racing,” says Steeves. ‘We hope locals come out and cheer on the racers.”

Remaining schedule

feb 7 – Night slalom – ladies/men

feb. 8 – Super G – ladies/men

feb. 9 – Super G – ladies/men

feb. 10 – Downhill training 1 – ladies/men

feb. 11 – Downhill training 2 – ladies/men

feb. 12 – Downhill – ladies/men

feb. 13 – Downhill – ladies/men

Lead image: Antonai Wearmouth at Kimberley in 2014. Photo by Derek Trussler.


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