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Posted: October 14, 2012

How to stay fit when you have no spare time

By Anne Davis

You may not have time to go to a gym or fitness class, but you can change up your normal routine to include more physical activity. Here’s how:

Do some vigorous raking, sweeping, mopping or vacuuming. These chores can really get your heart pumping if you a little extra effort into them;

If your kids are into sports, play along. Shoot baskets or kick a soccer ball, even as little as five or 10 minutes of joining in will give you more energy;

Take the kids for a walk and if the pace is too slow, add lunges or jumping jacks or running in place to kick it up a notch;

Pull the kids in a wagon or on a toboggan through the neighbourhood;

Let younger kids ride bikes or tricycles while you jog behind them or if your kids are older, go for a family bike ride;

Do yoga, Pilates, push-ups or sit-ups while you watch TV.  You could even just use the commercial breaks to time yourself and rest in between;

Make a habit of taking a brisk, short walk on your coffee or lunch break instead of sitting inside;

Get up a half hour before everyone else and go for a walk or do some stretching and yoga.

Be a little more creative in planning your day and you may never have to go to the gym again to stay fit!

Anne Davis is a writer, blogger, artist and photography buff.  Born in Quebec, she now lives in Kimberley, B.C. where she is editor of and contributor to the City of Kimberley’s Active Community Guide and webmaster for the city’s websites.

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