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Posted: March 17, 2013

Taking ownership of our health

By Carol Gordon

Taking ownership of our health and well-being requires that we take on the responsibility of our wellness journey.  In so doing, we do not put that responsibility in anyone else’s hands but our own.  We consult with healthcare providers to tap into their area of expertise and we accept it as our responsibility to look after our own health.  We take ownership and in so doing we are being proactive in the wellness journey.

Taking ownership starts with nurturing our awareness and a ‘wellness oriented’ attitude so that we take on our responsibility enthusiastically and diligently. We are being aware and awake rather than sloughing off and in denial. We are owning up to the fact that our body has some important requirements in order for it to thrive.  We accept responsibility for meeting those requirements.

Our bodies require that we eat not just any food for fuel, but rather healthy, quality, rich nutrients from fresh food, food that energizes us and food that our digestive system is happy with.

Our bodies require that we drink not just any water but rather water that our cells love and want to soak up, water that doesn’t have a lot of contaminants in it that make it easier on our kidneys and other organs.

Our bodies require that we breathe not just any indoor and outdoor air but air that is fresh and pollutant free, air that our lungs love and don’t have much to filter out.

Our bodies require that we sleep well, are rested and rejuvenated and energized from our sleep when we wake up.

Our bodies are designed, like all animals, to be creatures of movement and they require that we engage in regular and varied physical activity.

We are also social creatures and need to contribute to the well-being of the world and each other through community.

According to scientists these are some of our basic requirements as human beings.

Carol Gordon is a wellness consultant, writer/photographer, artist and entrepreneur. She has called the Columbia Valley her home part-time since 1981 and full-time since 1999.

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